3.0 LL RF(still works) in depth overview [HC/SC/Uber farmer/t16 possible]

I have never played RF pre 3.0, but I know the ES variant was a LOT stronger than it is now, I don't dare take this build with my current gear to shaper, were as you can see Phox here near afking shaper back in 2.6 on a LL RF guardian with near double our health. https://youtu.be/xiCUjHotDKU

I'm loving how RF feels, and wanted to share it. This build allows a sense of immortality without the cheese, ping-ponging life that my BV Zerker toon is(not to mention the enjoyment of playing a Regen char that actually needs to dodge instead of a VP char that has to stop every ~15 seconds to recast BV a couple times. All whilst sitting on damage praying a random 1 shot doesn't happen.)

-High regen
-High health pool
-High mitigation(endurance charges+Evasion)

-Not a VP leech build, actually have to avoid damage mechanics
-Damage scaled with es pool, ES was nerfed in 3.0
-High end gear gets expensive quick
-NEED a -% aura reservation enchant on the vertex(must be purity of fire/discipline/vitality)
-NEED atleast 42dex + 11str + added cold or light damage on gear


PoB Pastebin:


Soul of Arakaali, fully upgraded. A must, the only real option.
Soul of Abberath, upgrade optional.
Soul of Tukohama, fully upgraded.
If you're going to be shield charging in place, tuko is better, if you're just clearing and not bossing, abberath is better.


5L: Righteous Fire-Concentrated Effect-Elemental Focus-Increased area of effect-Burning Damage
I only go with a 5l RF because I could not afford to attempt to Delirium craft a pair of ES gloves,
or Horror craft an ES helm.

4L: Shield charge-Faster attacks-Fortify-Increased critical strikes
This is where we get most of our bonus damage from.
Since we're using to shield charge everywhere instead of walking, we'll consistently be dealing critical strikes thanks to Increased critical strikes. This allows us to proc Elemental Overload(40% MORE ele damage if you've crit recently)
This 4l also lets us proc Elemental equilibrium on all enemies we hit with Shield charge(Remember that added cold/lightning damage on an accessory? this is where it comes in. When we hit an enemy, it gives them +35% cold/lightning res as well as -50% fire res
As an added bonus, every shield charge that makes contact with an enemy will grant us fortify(20% reduced damage taken from hits, not RF! RF is a degen, not a hit.) for 5 seconds

3L: Blood magic(level 20)-Discipline-Vitality(Level 20)

Any 2 35% reservation auras that we use can go in here. I prefer atleast having discipline in there due to the Vertex's inherent +1 to level of socketed gems, you could also put your purity of fire, or even blasphemy in here instead of a decoy totem+2nd aura.
IMPORTANT: You can only have 1 50% aura linked to blood magic, or 2 35% auras so long as your vertex is enchanted with % reduced (Vitality/discipline/Purity of fire) mana reservation.

3L: Increased duration-Enduring cry-Vaal Discipline

Some of our best defense is here, as well as a panic button. Make sure to press Enduring cry every ~9 seconds to maintain our 3 endurance charges, they may not seem like much, but they allowed me to survive dashing through a rock fall on active teslas in the Minotaur fight.
Note: GGG gutted Vaal discipline in 2.6, leveling it up only gives radius now. Unless you're in a party, there is no reason to level it.
Note 2: you can make this a 4l and add in Vaal Grace/Haste(defense/offence)

2l: Blasphemy-Enfeeble

This is important for our survive-ability. This is a great addition to our decently high evasion.*
as well as a 30% LESS modifier for enemy damage.
Note: Quality is pretty important here.
*=22.5k flasked evasion is pretty high for a LL ES build that also has 9k ES.

2l: Summon Stone Golem-Minion Life
This is just for QoL really. You can sustain RF pretty easily as a trickster, but that bonus 100 feels nice when doing the eternal labyrinth. Minion life is used to make sure our buddy is super tanky, since we cannot resummon him with all of our auras active.

2l: Scorching Ray-Faster casting
This is for those obnoxious high life bosses in t13~t16 for an additional -15% Fire res. We don't use this for damage, and it cannot be sustained on my current build with a 3rd link.

Random throw in gems: Grace, Decoy totem, Vaal Grace/Haste.
Grace is an amazing aura, even-though Evasion is entropy based(instead of true RNG, like block and dodge.) (Entropy based means if you have 50% chance to evade, you should not look at it like 50% chance to evade attack. Instead you should look at it as if it means you WILL get hit 50% of the time.
Decoy totem is mainly used to keep the focus elsewhere. A good example of this is how it could be used to redirects a monsters aggro before it begins to wind up a slam 1 shot.
Vaal Grace/Haste are our defensive/offensive throw ins, pick your preference. Grace to be given slightly more dodge, or Haste to get around faster.

IMPORTANT OTHER Purity of Fire(level 20)
This gem has 2 options, either it goes in the helmet, or it goes in a +3 gem level unset ring. (preferably the later for an additional +1% maximum Fire res)


I use the Vertex due to it having pretty good ES+EV, you can sub it for any good ES hat with the % reduced reservation for vitality/purity of fire/discipline.

Non-negotiable. You need shavs to be low-life or you'll be getting 1 hit left and right to any chaos damage. We also only need a 5l. There are only 4 gems that give RF damage, Burning damage, Conc effect, Quality inc Area of effect, and elemental focus. (in fact its preferable to stick with a 5l due to needing an extra gem slot.

High ES+Res shoes. Enchants are not needed, but you could aim for the merc/uber enchant, "Regenerate 1.5~2%per second if you were Hit Recently

Same as the boots. High ES+some res. Enchants don't do much. (DON'T get a fire enchant, it messes with the Ele Equilib.

Most people,
myself included cannot afford a Presence of Chayula. a good rolled Marble amulet with t1~2 ES and high res's. Potentially dex too. (Do not look for fire damage, 20% fire damage alone can up the price by 200c on an otherwise 30c amulet.

Remember, you need atleast 42 dex with the same passive tree that I have currently. You also need an added ele damage that isn't fire.

If you do not have a +3 unset ring, I strongly recommend using Lori's lantern, placing purity of fire in your helmet, dropping vaal grace/haste and placing decoy totem in their slot.

Lori's lantern is def not a bad ring with all that Res. Not to mention its last line which is a great help to us.

You need atleast 20 strength in addition to decent ES and res on a crystal belt. Ignore the % movement speed mod,
it doesn't do much.

Main hand:

You have two options, more ES, or more Damage. Swapping to Doryani's gives us ~11% inc damage,
while Ephemeral gives us ~1k es. Up to personal preference. I prefer Ephemeral if it matters.

Off hand:
Rise of the phoenix is unfortunately a must now that Leo's %reduced DoT taken mod was gutted from 20% down to 5%.


Energy from within goes here:

You need a Conqueror's Efficiency, otherwise we reserve 1% too much life.
You need >29 dex from your jewels.
All of your jewels should have >6% energy shield
All jewels should have atleast 1 damage mod that applys to RF
The following apply in order from biggest modifier to smallest;
Burning damage > Damage over time > Fire Damage > Area Damage > Damage.



Help oak for life regen. If you feel you don't need it, or will have enough, feel free to kill all.



If you want to level as SR and transition to RF at 65 like I choose to do;
Normal: Patient Reaper
Cruel: Ghost dance
Merciless: Shade form
Uber: Walk the Aether


Passive tree
Level 92 tree

Level 83 tree

Level 65 tree


Final notes:
Congrats! You made it to the end! Thank you so much for reading through this guide. It has been my first legitimate attempt at a guide, rather than just a generic build outline. I really hope this helps explain the build as I cannot provide any video content for this character.

Note: Things that can kill you,
-Prolonged exposure to labyrinth traps
-Phoenix -% max fire res per % of his missing health
-Minotaur stacking rock falls, leave them ASAP
-Minotaur tesla coils slow+shock.
-Hydra getting perma frozen is a real threat since I personally never picked up any way to get out of freeze.
-Tul perma freeze off the summoned pylons
-Esh ball stacking during the ball recall.
-Shaper's anything.
-Atziri's trio phase, the range thrower can out damage our regen. The other 2 combined cannot.
-Dark forest rigwalds wolf barrage massively out damages our regen.
-Overgrown ruin in general has a lot of death traps thanks to the renegade warbands.
-Being swarmed in t15 beachhead, if you can manage the packs and kite, this isn't a problem.

Note: items of interest to look into for alternate LL RF play styles
Shavronne's Relevation,
Coruscating Elixir,
ES shield crafted with leo's 5% reduced dot taken mod(I couldn't find a way to make it work, maybe someone else might)

Again, thank you for your time exiles. Good luck out there in wraeclast.

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Looks good! I've been dying for a way to use my Shav's and other ES gear in 3.0 Thank You! Just have to work around my Shav's being a 6 link.
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Have a 3.0 video? end game bosses thx!
Idk ... im looking for new RF build but the "Pros" in this build seems usless with this "Cons" ...
ill keep follow to see if there any change or proof of working build :D gl anyway

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