[3.0] Shadow Assassin CA build

Hey guys, im writing here asking your help. Im playing in PoE several month but still noob, before this day i've played only pro-builds, but today i tried to create my own build. I'm asking for your advices.

Build is based on caustic arrow with Voltaxic Rift, and maximum item rarity (gems, items etc. accept bow). I know that build have many flaws, and this is why i want you to correct me.

Skill tree below
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You need to look up a guide to a caustic arrow build an learn how it works before you can make a build from it. Unfortunately it doesn't work how you want it to, and gets absolutely nothing from Assassin or Voltaxic rift. Sorry to burst your bubble buddy.

Currently I believe the best CA builds are Scion, Occultist or perhaps trickster.

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