[Planned] Toxic Dual Weld Flicker

Planning for shadow Flicker Strike build without TH Swords, because daggers will give more dps. A lot of poison, also some more triggers.
No Terminus. No Oro's. Just Blood Dance & Poacher's Mark

It will looks like that:

poeurl.com/byqh ideal
poeurl.com/byrM more real (found all gear on poe.trade or in stash)

For bosses swap FS with Viper Strike

Any suggestions about it?

UPD. 56 lvl

Kitava's Thirst shows itself really badly. Huge manacost (with Fevered Mind) is really hard to overcome, I was forced to use Atziri's Foible and Clarity. Also for some reasons Discharge triggers only on last mob in pack, giving really low dps. So, Kitava's Thirst is going to stash, maybe retry it later.

Without it combats seems really easy. Poacher's + Blood Dance gives enough Frenzy to maintain FS forever. Damage is great. Poison makes the play, because you just don't need to return to finish mobs.
But on defense side is not so bright. Life pool is so small so I get a lot of one-shot deaths. It's not HC build 100%. Evasion is not enough to keep me alive.
And solo-target fights with a lot of movement can grant a headache.

Vaal Pact is not working with Bino's life regen on kill, so Vaal Pact is gone.

Verdict: Fun&easy. Will go further.

UPD. 59 lvl. About Lycosidae and Vagan's weapons

Today I've investigated interactions with Lycosidae and with Vagan's daggers. And got interesting results:
"Hits can't be evaded" on Vagan's weapons in fact means "Hits WITH THIS WEAPON can't be evaded", when Lycosidae gives 100% accuracy anyways.
In late game Vagan's dagger can have around 250 flat dps. Rare dagger with good mods - 350+ dps. Bino's don't have accuracy at all. So, we need to get some accuracy, let's pick Acuity node.

UPD. 65 lvl

Finished storyline today. Investigated some problems with mana. Need to get mana leech somewhere.
Now when I trying to foresee how late game will look like, I imagine huge dps, awesome clearspeed and also huge problems with defenses. Planner shows me 3,5kHP on 100lvl, it's horrible.
Maybe when I change Tabula with the Cospri's my opinion will also change. Will see.
Also, find that Ring of Blades jewel is very usefull.

UPD. 70 lvl. Gearing is finished

In result got something like this:
In summary:
Bino's Kitchen Knife - 5c
Off-hand dagger with enough pDps - 3c
Helmet - 5c
Ametyst ring - 2c
Topaz ring - 3c
Lapis amulet - 2c
Heavy belt - 5c
Shagreen gloves - 2c
The Blood Dance - 2c
Cospri's Will - 1c+29c for links.
Summary: 59c
So, making this build costs me around 1 ex. With some investions it's possible to get more efficient gear.
Also, if you are lucky or if you can wait a lot it's possible to get a cheaper gear.
Now it's time for leveling & Uber Lab. If my character can make full key run I will post complete guide here.
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How do you plan to uphold your frenzy charges..? Might be missing something but I doubt the blood dance and poachers mark is enough?
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Levisaxos wrote:
How do you plan to uphold your frenzy charges..? Might be missing something but I doubt the blood dance and poachers mark is enough?

He's also using Blood Rage. Versions of this build (1 hand flicker) have been done at least as far back as 2.0.4 (http://tldrexile.com/pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/495642). This build is not yet complete but it does work.
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coarm wrote:
He's also using Blood Rage.

Yeah, it's gives me permanent max frenzy charges. But even without it I can sustain enough of it to fight if I got enough low-life enemys around.

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