3.0 Assassin Bladeflurry crit

Hi, i would like some opinion about a build that i crafted based on path of building, never really tried it out, but i feel it might be hardcore viable. Any help or suggestions to improve the build would be greatly appreciated.

The build is based around 3 unique items.

The phasing from voidwalkers would give you the additional movement speed from bloodseeker claw, while the bloodseeker claw would help on survivability as it works like vaal pact.

The rest of the unique items are basically just an addition to the build, and the rares are just there to fill up the resists and provide extra life.

This item should provide you with almost permanent endurance charges and onslaught while mapping.

Frenzy charges could be generated by bloodrage, or without bloodrage, you could just use poachers aim with herald of ice to keep up the frenzy charges since we are shattering basically everything.

Power charges would not be a problem for assassins, but for scions, it might be slightly more troublesome to keep them up.

A devoto's would be a nice additional, but not mandatory, unique to this build, since it's relatively cheap and provides some nice attack speed. A rare could be used if resists are not capped.

Passive skill tree



PoB links:

Assassin bflurry:

Scion bflurry:

Again, this build has not been tested. It is fully created based on theory, please do not hesitate to give any suggestions and improvements.

(Please ignore the gems in the items, those are items from my other dead chars.)
Last bumped on Sep 22, 2017, 10:05:16 PM

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