Need Help with my build

Tags: Shadow, Saboteur, Firestorm, Ignite, Crit, Blind, Daggers

this is what ive decided so far

the emphasis is dev base in game tips/art

Explosives Expert- depicts art of a shadow standing as fire rains from the sky = clearly firestorm, you can safely assume this due to it being the ONLY saboteur passive that gives to fire dammage and not just elemental dammage

Blinding Assault-Depicts a shadow standing in smoke wielding 2 daggers, luckily firestorm can crit :D

Born in the shadows-this one is nifty since it will make firestorm blind and do more dammage via ignite, which gets better because ignite dammage is based on fire and explosive expert converts some of fire storms raw into fire dammage

my problems though so far
~Im new so passive tree is overwhelming
~New so no idea what gear to look for
~No idea what support gems to use
~idk if i should use firestorm as a trap or a mine this is important to the passive tree since their are trap specific passives and mine specific as well as specific jewels

any ideas or suggestions?

ps. I posted a similar post on reddit and it diluted to "build Glacial Cascade"
The things ive stated for the most part are set in stone (Shadow, Saboteur, Firestorm, Ignite, Crit, Blind, Daggers) pls help me out with my build not some one elses lol
Last bumped on Sep 24, 2017, 7:30:23 PM

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