Trying to make a bursting build

I'm trying to make a character that plays like an assassin: Go in, deal high burst to a single target or average AoE damage and get out.

Whirling Blades takes care of movement for engaging and fleeing but I can't find a good burst ability so I'm forced to use Viper Strike with faster attacks/crit supports as DPS (not burst) and reave/bladefall for AoE

It's my only char in this league so I don't have a lot of gems available.

Which gems/support do you recommend for burst damage (high dmg at cost of cooldown are welcome)

And any good "Nova" like AoE gem to help define this playstyle?

It doesn't need to be OP, just viable and fitting to the playstyle.

Any suggestions?
Last bumped on Sep 27, 2017, 1:11:39 PM

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