[3.0]SC CI Trickster Lightning Strike using HOWA under 2ex

About build:
Since Perandus league I just love playing CI trickster so I decided it's finally time to make one. Also I wanted it to be melee so

was an obvious choice since doing CI would give us a lot of intelligence anyway. Also I decided to go lightning Strike because of it's damage effectiveness, and for my own amusement.

Required uniques:

Gloves pretty much fix our accuracy problem

Recommended uniques:

Fixes our debuff from Ghost Reaver.

If you are lazy as me and find chill/freeze too scary to even get it for a fraction of a second this is a great ring for you.

Bonus DMG, we don't have to worry about requirements, increases benefits from gloves.

Since we will be mostly hitting enemies with projectiles not melee dmg this is an obvious choice.

Great life leech. (Preferably you'd want to have the one with "lightning penetration" but so far I'm using this one.

Moar DMG

Also I reccomend using
Eleron's ring.
Allows us to reserve more mana without having any mana problems.

Rest of the items should be rare with nice ES and some resistances.

Final Passive Tree (lvl95):

Ascendancy Priorities:

Ghost Dance -> Shade Form are corse to this build, rest is your personal choice but I higly recommend going Swift Killer (who doesn't like free charges? :D ) and then Weave of The Arcane.

As you can notice we are using 10 jewel sockets. Stats you should look for in your jewels (most of them gonna cost less than 5c):
%Lightning damage
%Elemental Resistances(feel free to get some resistances from jewels it will make gearing easier and since we have around 7k energy shield with mid-quality gear you don't need %ES on every jewel)
%Attack speed with claws
%Attack speed while holding a shield
%Projectile dmg/melee dmg
%Energy shield

Gems, buffs, and auras:

You only need 5L in order to make this build work, but I highly reccomend using a 6L for more damage.

Lightning Strike links(in order of priority):

Lightning Strike
Added Lightning Damage
Damage on Full Life
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Lightning Penetration
Elemental Focus
Using Penetration gem instead of Ele focus allows us to shock enemies, so we can benefit from it more than from Ele focus while using a 5LINK.

Orb of Storms(used to proc Elemental Overload and shock tougher enemies):

Orb of Storms
Increased Critical Strikes
Faster Casting
Elemental Proliferation

Movement Skills(shield or weapon):
Shield Charge or Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks

Aura group(shield or weapon):
Enlighten (lvl3 is fine)

Life Savers:
Immortal Call
Increased Duration
Vaal Discipline


Conductivity or Warlord's Mark. It's your choice but I highly reccomend using WM.
You can use Enlighten here but it's not required.

My current gear(costed me around 3 ex [including jewels and flasks] and I have 7k ES atm):

Leveling Section:


Sulphur Wastes with boss(I'm lvl 74 while doing it so there is still few dmg nodes to take):

Once I'll stop being lazy I'll upload videos of doing Atziri and possibly Guardians with this build.
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