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Danjf wrote:

I sell items because I have to. If I don't I cant get to the end game content. I found that out the hard way after playing decently built toons but having crappy gear.

this isnt really true. you CAN get to end game content, you just have to invest time into farming and grinding for gear, which is what majority of diabloid arpgs are based on anyway. the question here is what you consider reasonable time investment.

we know people who play a lot have amazing gear in SSF and they get to endlevel content
we also know that in general its quite feasible, unlike something that isnt reasonable at all (ie trying to brute force a 256-bit random key at 10 tries/second)


So I was -forced- to buy premium tabs (or go insane on the forums). I think one of the highest revenue share for GGG are the tabs. So why would they want an auction house type trading system in place...unless that went thru premium tabs as well.

there was trading before premium stash tabs and GGG always stood against insta buyouts. you can still trade without them btw, its just...wait for it...less convenient


But from someone who would rather play (and find decent gear) than trade I feel trading should be either easier or the player should find better build specific gear for him or herself.

to paraphrase what you want, is you want to get gear faster, either via easier trade or 'better' drops. GGG actually mentions this in the manifesto, that is shortening the time that you spend acquisition of items shortens your time playing a particular character, because most of the time spent playign a character in a game like PoE is usually spent acquiring items.
I agree whith the easy trade stuff, but hey, not listing AFK players, really?
I've completed most trades while being AFK, because sometimes i alt-tab while still being available, and the chances that i'll answer a trade request while watching youtube is greater than when i'm on a map fighting a swarm of harbingers or powerleveling a new character.

If you wanted to make improvements, what you really should've done is:

1) make it so that my items wouldn't show up if i'm in a different league currently.
2) add a checkbox for public stash tabs to NOT list items without price. If i'm making a currency stash tab public to sell a few exalts that doesn't mean i'm going to sell everything else too including my pledge of hands that i've put there to throw fuses on.
Yeah, looking further into this one... The UX decisions are very questionable.

I, unlike the angry poster from before, do have an expertise in the field, doing Web for nearly 20 years in dev/manager/architect capacities.

That screen over there should take an experienced Web dev. team a month to pull off, considering that the whole API was already there.

The UX errors are blatant...

Get a clue, contact a damn UX expert.
There is an issue calculating DPS if an item has main hand / off hand stats. For example there is not a Dyadus in the world with remotely close to 850 Elemental DPS but you can see for yourself there are plenty that think have that much.
Its good to see you've held on to your design choices and that you are finally moving current functionality to your own website instead of a 3rd party. And DND + AFK detection is awesome news!
Just remove public stasgh tabs from 3rd party sites, and all done :)
At least a small step to make trade bettter.
And dont think ppl ever wanted trading easier its fine its just out of control .
Gl and i hope u move away from 3rd party sites
this conviced me to log back .... first try : "this player is afk" ........

like always,great anouncement for no real improvement.
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
Dear GGG,

I really struggle to follow your line of reasoning with respect to player disparity:
The significant differences in character power and player progression caused by trade has already created a situation where Path of Exile is very hard for some players and quite easy for others. Some people never stand a chance of seeing some of the Atlas of Worlds content

If you make trade easier, and integrated into the game, then 90% of players will trade and many more players will reach red maps, REDUCING player disparity. REDUCE. Not INCREASE.

You are heavily stacking the PoE experience against players who just want to play the game.
Good news. Looking forward to other improvements.
one bug (i think): the div cards "abandoned wealth" and "a mothers parting gift" are changed - if i search for "abandoned wealth", i get the result of "a mothers parting gift".

and i vote for moving blessings to the fragment section, its not a often used currency item id say

ty for improving the system!
ign "Underscare"

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