Trade Manifesto

Thank you for the new API functionalities and the fresh official trade site. That is a much needed addition to the game!

It is kinda sad to hear tho, that you are not planning on adding a trade market to the international game client.

A very motivating vision of trading would be a market or auction house where my items could be "bought out" while I am offline, e. g. by delivering the currency in exchange via a mailbox.
This would also make AFK and DND statuses irrelevant to trading.

Since this feature is so basic and so common in other games, I figure you exclude it on purpose in the anticipation of abuse by automation. Maybe one day you find a way to accept it. I would definitely pay for such a feature.
I find it comical that many of these players think this copy to clipboard, out of game trading system is fine. While at the same time either asking for a certain portion of trading that they don't enjoy to be made instant or worrying that they cant easily afk all day (and night) trading anymore. I like the current system, just don't make it anymore inconvenient for me!

So pricefixers will now have to spend 30 seconds writing a script that prevents afk. Thank god we slowed them down.

Can filter out /dnd now. Woot! That causes a solid 5% of unfruitful buy requests.

Still can't see the sellers location? WTB your 1alch item. Oh, you're in Uber Lab? Yea, I definitely plan to wait 10 minutes instead of asking the next guy.

Hell, why not prevent the game client from accepting clipboard pastes. Make players type out their buy requests. This would slow me down.

Now of course, one almost never fails to receive a timely response when attempting buy 1ex+ items. It's those pesky common items that you need every once in awhile. I frequently rebuild my Animate Guardian with 1c uniques, usually takes 3-5 mins to get all 5 items. Its just a matter PoE in window mode, multi-monitors, and spam the list until someone responds. If you haven't sent out over 10 buy offers in 15-20 seconds, you're doing it wrong. Ignore the several people that respond 10 seconds later. Respond or try to invite me to party more then once? Ignore. Nice? No. But trading in this game is not about being nice. Player interaction. Check.

There is very little tedium for anyone who has actively traded throughout PoE's progression over the years. Even during the acquisition days, it was easy. It's only a road-block for casual players that want to kill monsters, not use the clipboard and test their search engine skills. What is the exact wording for that mod I needed? Added lightning damage.. Adds to lightning damage... Increased lightning damage...

Does the current trading system slow me down? Not really. I mean, I hate spending 10 minutes buying a bunch of leveling gear to twink a new toon I'm working on. High end stuff? Yea, top tier gear can take a few days to put together(or longer if you are insane about BiS pieces). When will JoesMomHasCrabs login, damn it! I guess I'll throw in this less optimal placeholder for now.

I seriously don't even understand the point of this "manifesto". There is nothing new presented here that couldn't be derived from your actions over the years. Trading is, and will remain, the playground of serious players. No shiny stuff for you new/casual players, buzz off.

So status of trade is "as designed". Okie, no problem, then we know what to expect.

So can we get an alternative track instead please?

What Im talking about is a better no trade solution and the current SSF isn't the solution.

What Im having problem with the current SSF isn't rare or unique drops, those are fine. The problem is that crafting isn't viable at all. The cost is simply stupidly high, just take the 1500 fusing for a 6L.... everything takes thousands of currency to create and as SSF you just don't have that.

Remove the possibility to move to nonSSF and massivly adjust the crafting costs and we are golden.

YES there are problems with a such "split" but it gives a way to address the "trade problem".
Sorry but this manifest is nonsence.
Trade auction is not the evil, fast progression is not the evil. The faster players progress the more builds they will try, sticking with game for a looong time inviting their friends. Slow progress with numerous drawbacks = game is dropped forever for majority of players. Economy problems with convinient trade howewer can be a great evil (though its not mentioned in manifesto). But they already are! Most items cost less then 1 chaos (and u can't buy them anyway bcoz most sellers just ignore cheap whispers) because balance is non-existent. Currency courses can go to hell very fast but this is only consequence of bad balance and rng in the game. But auction can be regulated with rules and restrictions preventing to abuse the system. Though it is difficult, much easear just copypaste

Buff specters!
LaiTash wrote:
I agree whith the easy trade stuff, but hey, not listing AFK players, really?
I've completed most trades while being AFK, because sometimes i alt-tab while still being available, and the chances that i'll answer a trade request while watching youtube is greater than when i'm on a map fighting a swarm of harbingers or powerleveling a new character.

If you wanted to make improvements, what you really should've done is:

1) make it so that my items wouldn't show up if i'm in a different league currently.
2) add a checkbox for public stash tabs to NOT list items without price. If i'm making a currency stash tab public to sell a few exalts that doesn't mean i'm going to sell everything else too including my pledge of hands that i've put there to throw fuses on.

200% agree with you
Trading still sucks
Deadfire1 wrote:

There is very little tedium for anyone who has actively traded throughout PoE's progression over the years. Even during the acquisition days, it was easy.

and this is why the 'convenience' should've been nipped at the bud when they realized people can scrape forum shops for items and not looking through them manually (amazing how they seemingly imply they didn't realize it before they implemented the system, but whatever).
Chris wrote:

We officially added support for a Solo, Self-Found mode in Content Update 2.6.0 (Breach League).

Just a minor thing, Breach was 2.5, As far as I remember SSF was added in Legacy (which was in fact 2.6).

Happy to hear that your idea of trade in PoE is not changed, but that at the same time you are providing a way to trade without using third party sites. All of that is just good for the future of the game.
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jerkmcgee wrote:
I don't think it is very helpful to throw around phrases like 'easy trade' without explicitly defining what that means. "Easy" to one person means entirely a different thing to another.
This. All these "easy trade" points made no sense at all.
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Inscaped wrote:
jerkmcgee wrote:
I don't think it is very helpful to throw around phrases like 'easy trade' without explicitly defining what that means. "Easy" to one person means entirely a different thing to another.
This. All these "easy trading" points made no sense at all.

+1. I don't buy the Easy Trade is the Death of PoE argument. However, if GGG does think there's a high chance of death if they try it, there's not much motivation for them to change stance.
There has to be a low point where some people stop complaining because it's just not worth it, and I have yet to see it. - Squeakypaw, 2013
Great release, thank you for the good work GGG!

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