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-Ten Acts
-Integrated Trade

GGG with the hat trick of surprises.

How do people still complain that the developers aren't paying attention and working on the important stuff? Just be patient.
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I don't think it is very helpful to throw around phrases like 'easy trade' without explicitly defining what that means. "Easy" to one person means entirely a different thing to another.
Are there still plans to implement a cross instance trade option so you can trade while inside the labyrinth?
So awesome. Thank you for caring so much about your game and it's users. I love this game and what you do.
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I've been proposing this solution to my friends for about a year now. My ears must have been ringing <3


Here's a free idea:

Make trading easy and streamlined, but fence users together in groups of like 100-1000, they can only trade amongst eachother, so the market is small and always exciting. Of course you have to rebalance the fences once in a while to group people together based on activity and playstyle/ style of trading.
You could even monetize it by allowing people to buy a place in a different fence, or force a rebalance.
Sarno wrote:
Chris wrote:
As mentioned in today's news post, we are changing the "Online API" to expose the AFK status of players. This API is currently consumed by community trade sites, so it's easy for them to add functionality to allow users to filter searches to just online players who are currently available to trade. In addition, players in DND mode are no longer shown as online, because it would be impossible for them to receive any messages sent to them.

Any plans in future to also expose the League they're currently playing in?

Messaging people who are in Standard / on an alt in SSF is a bit of a pain. :/

I think that might be one of those things we just have to choke down. The whole manifesto was basically saying "we're committed to keeping a minimum level of fuss and bother inherent in trading because if we don't, the whole Loot and Items aspect of the game falls out the bottom and we have to do drastic stuff."

If you read between the lines on the 'Trade Market' bits, there seems to be an expectation/requirement that obtaining a given item require a minimum level of frustration. If you widen out your search parameters and accept items with a wide-ass range of stats ("I'll take anything with fifty or more life and at least 40 total elemental resistance, I'm not fussy and this is just getting-started map gear anyways"), then you can find items with scorching speed and likely snag gear in seconds. The more specific you have to get, though? The longer and harder GGG wants people to work for it, because that time sink is something they're weighing as a critical part of the item's value. I.e. it takes a guy forever to find that one, single perfect super-endgame amulet that fits like a clockwork puzzle piece into his build and neatly plugs every last final little crack in his kit, and he will pay Exalts like a Japanese nosebleed for it.

Whether or not a given player agrees with that reasoning, it's now the reasoning they've laid out pretty firmly.

besides. Some people do switch leagues, especially when you start talking exalts rather than chaos. I won't switch leagues for a one-fuse bitch trade, but if something I have listed for 20 or 30 chaos, or my very small handful of exalt trades, pings?

Ye're durned tootin' I'll switch over and sell to ya.
GG GGG! Really great stuff

☑ Introduced Lockstep
☑ Removed difficulty system
☑ Redefined map progression system
☑ Added multi-threading
☑ Enabled dynamic resolution
☑ Lioneye's Watch Stairs
☑ Persistent Spectres
☑ Lightning Coil 3d Art
☑ Trade Improvements

Remaining memes :

Guild improvements coming Soon™™™™™
Elemental Hit

The list is becoming really short!
Builds :
Challenge boss kill services :
Chris wrote:
A person with vastly more in-game wealth has often played longer than someone with a higher level character.

I don't really understand this sentence, but (my lack of understanding) it doesn't matter to the overall point of the sub section, or the post as a whole.

Thanks for taking the time, and loved the tidbit about correlation of traders and forum/reddit users.

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