Trade Manifesto


...pls make trading harder! : )
well done sir...
Nice read. It is very helpful to hear your explanations for what you do.

I'll try the new site.
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Regardless of each of our opinions on trade, it is very helpful to have an official statement on trading.

Thank you, Chris and of course everyone at GGG!
Vakarlan wrote:
That afk statuses, goodbye price fixers?

there are plenty of ways to automate certain movements or button presses for opening closing menus etc on random time intervals, which end up preventing you from going automatically afk while still being afk.

price fixers will find a way.
Houserspeed wrote:
Regardless of each of our opinions on trade, it is very helpful to have an official statement on trading.

Thank you, Chris and of course everyone at GGG!

That's the big thing, yeah. Whatever your opinion on GGG's opinion, it's good to have a documented Official Stance. Makes it much easier to figure out how to change GGG's opinion :P

"Trade is too easy. We make things suck on purpose. We made our new ripoff intentionally bad. Screw you!"
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Thans for insight. Great read. Oh and also gj on the trade-site; I'll be sure to have a go at it later.

Just wondering, what do you guys at GGG think bout adding instant AH-style in-game mechanic just for maps and maybe currency? Cuz that's where 99% of frustration of trading comes from, for me.
That was a very interesting read. I enjoyed reading the thought process behind every decision you've made that has shaken up the trade meta. I don't quite get why you opted for 'premium' $$$$ tabs to be the only ones to work with said API, this locks out F2P player, and is honestly the point at which I've started to consider this game more as a freemium game. (not that I mind personally, as I've bought tabs and mtx's)

While I consider the afk/dnd to be a great change, I'm a little bit sad since I often ran PoE on the background while I had work to do on my computer. This was the only way I managed to sell anything, as I try my best to avoid the mess that dealing with trade is (to the point of now making my builds in a way that getting the items I need won't be hard).
First of all great read ! This day will be remembered for a long time :D

Do you have any plans on displaying this official website in the ingame's tutorial ( for example ) or not ? Even in bêta.

As you mentioned it only a small % of userbase is actualy performing trades, the thing is there are a lot of players that get their first impressions about the game with trade chat, they don't know there are others ways to perform a trade, some of them won't ever know it after all.

The thing is as you greatly explained it, trading is important in ARPG's, and that's why i would directly suggest to welcome everybody and SPECIALY new players to test this website in it's bêta version, because their feedbacks would give you a more accurate idea of what players really expect around trading, at different levels.

But for that ... it has to be displayed ingame, even if a few users are used to check forums and social networks the largest part in any games just install - try - build an opinion on that - keep playing or leave after few hours without checking any forums or anything except for subscribing part.

I appreciate the effort even if i'm still convinced there are some better ways to improve trading in PoE ( not talking about an AH ) that would save your vision of " not-so-easy" trading while making it more user friendly, ergonomic, and aesthetic.

Eh well, Thank you for this huge step GGG. Really appreciate to see you ^didn't gave up on that.
SPECIALY THE AFK / DND filter. Means a lot ! :)

Hf :)
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