Trade Manifesto

Well god damn. Never thought I'd see the day.

Thanks ggg!
Labeling AFK players as such may have some iffy consequences. I often leave the game minimized during the work day when the league is hot. I'll be AFK but able to respond quickly. I imagine no one would bother messaging me now. But maybe that's the goal...

Labeling DND players as such, however, is great. It's always been a bit of a logical issue: they're "online" in the API but unable to be contacted.

Any official thoughts on price fixing? I get that actually completing the trade is supposed to have some friction, but is finding dozens of bullshit listings the same as a little friction? If finding the item via search filters is meant to be easy, where do fake listings stand?

This is the most extreme example of price fixing I'm currently aware of. It's usually not quite *this* bad but this guy is a professional price fixer. The dudes who were doing this with T15 Beachheads a bit ago were about as bad.
I'm too old for this shit.
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Small correction, version 2.6 was Legacy, not Breach.
Remaining memes :

Guild improvements coming Soon™™™™™
Elemental Hit

The list is becoming really short!

You motherfucking asshole, you made me laugh hard with that. Fucking Elemental Hit lmao.
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Nice work!

Nice Manifesto, tyvm for that GGG!
Very insteresting manifesto and thanks for communicating this type of things directly wit hthe players.
Some quick feedback for the trade site already:

Eyes have to travel very far from item image to stats to price of the item. It's noticable on 16:9 but especially on a 21:9 monitor.
I've included an image (in the spoiler tag) to show what I mean and a comparison to

I suggest to either limit how far the 3 columns stretch out or to put the image of the item and the price above and below the stats respectively.
The "90%" don't engage in trade because trading in the game is a shithouse without 3rd party sites. For some reason "casuals" (i.e. the people who refuse to have subreddit, poetrade, wiki, poelab and path of building open while playing PoE) didn't have have problems trading in D3. I am absolutely clueless as to why, but that probably (I am not very sure) has to do something with it having a proper in-game interface.

The rest "10%" just want to play a build and will take any shortcuts to get the required gear. In reality of the current year PoE, it means autistically farming the same map with best currency/time ratio (which is further facilitated by sextants) to exchange said currency for gear. And even then they hate trading too.

I guess the only people who love trading in PoE are flippers, pricefixers and RMTers. Those are THE 1% of PoE.

If you've really cared about "the 90%", then the crafting would be a lot more controllable. As it stands right now, when finishing off act 10 Kitava, I can upgrade all my rare gear in ~20c budget through poetrade in preparation for maps. Can you craft anything meaningful with 20c? I don't think so.

That said, I am curious how are you gonna deal with pricefixers, now that you can't use 3rd party website excuse and still being in line with wRAECLAST iS aN uNFORGIVING pLACE meme.
Okay, I just re-read this, and I have to say, I don't agree with a single word you've said. I'm sorry, you want to good items drop LESS than they do now? Are you serious? We get it. You're Grinding Gear Games. But there's a difference between grinding gear and not having a life or job.

You seriously think that trading is too easy and so you'd consider things dropping less? This makes my blood boil! You are out of your minds if you think that is a solution. In this post, you have just admitted you deliberately make an objectively-worse system to make it intentionally more frustrating to find items we want.

You can shove this whole post right where the sun don't shine. This is the most depressing and infuriating thing I've read on this site, and you have hit us with CoC nerfs, AoE nerfs, density nerfs, boss health buffs with no reward buffs, and double dipping nerfs.

You're insane.
No fun allowed.™
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"Easy trade reduces the number of times a character improves their items.
People who are heavily engaged in trade perform fewer item upgrades to achieve their final build. They get there in fewer steps, because they can easily buy items that are close to what they need. Simply put, their character progression is more about trading than it is about getting items from monsters. We believe that it is more fun to slowly and iteratively upgrade a character over time and to have a longer journey to gear a character up. Knowing that a monster could drop something that improves your character is a great motivator for playing one more level!"

Cmon guys, you don't find upgrades in poe, you buy them and you anyone who plays the game knows it

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