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mondlicht1 wrote:
By the way, your reasons are not logical at all. Do you see how humans life has improved since we got better transportation? Quick trading is the most natural improvement for a healthy economy.

yea logic is a bitch. in RL we get money and wares for slaying monsters on the street.... oh wait. xD
Clownkrieger wrote:

yea logic is a bitch. in RL we get money and wares for slaying monsters on the street.... oh wait. xD

It's the same thing. In-game, the values of items are approximately equivalent to the average hours player put into the game, due to the low drop rate. Trading = exchanging hours of working in the form of currencies, that never change.
If these developers really want to create positive interactions between players, they should make something else more meaningful than this trading crap.
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This thread is around 68 pages of players dumping all over GGG being out of touch with the overwhelming majority of its player base: Casuals

We want a way to trade the items we find while eliminating the greatest hindrance to trading: other players.

We don't subscribe to your definition of "easy."

"easy" isn't sending 50 tells to other players through a 3rd party site only to be ignored at the cost of 10 minutes to an hour of time. That's more accurately called "not fun."

When a game becomes "not fun", I for one would rather play another game that is fun. It shouldn't become a second job to recreate in this community.

I want to play POE, but each league reminds me again and again why I spend less and less time playing each one. The same problem remains: trading is inconvenient, irritating, and inefficient when nothing exists to remediate the human-factor from trading. People are the best and worst aspect of this system. The proposition of automating trading through a special "tab" or "vendor NPC", even through real-world-money, isn't addressed or refuted by the stance given from GGG here.

At the least recognize the fact that you have a game where players are willing to pay for convenience. Offer the possibility here and you'd be overwhelmed by how many take it.

I said it in the past and I would like to say it again: pls consider automated trading for currency and maps. and if you are sooooooo concerned about it, at least give it a try and maybe limit trading per day

whispering tons of people with no response just ain‘t fun
So I just scrolled through 440 pages of wands on the xbox trade board only to find nothing available with the desired mods. Over 500 pages of large cluster jewels to no avail. There is nothing enjoyable about the trade board and I dont want to spend more time staring at it than actually playing the game. End game rare item acquisition is garbage. Give us a real trade market with REAL search functions!!
Get real. This ain't gonna happen.

What is gonna happen is massive sales of MTX. As it stands today GGG is the MTX King.

It ain't gonna change boys and girls. Not now not ever. 10Cents billions stands solidly with GGG.

I will never never ever spend a penny on GGG.

Funny thing, if you'd asked me 5 years ago I would have defended GGG.

Never again.
Literally just copy neverwinter auction house. Best trade market ever, no RMT
ESboi wrote:
Literally just copy neverwinter auction house. Best trade market ever, no RMT

Player shops from Phantasy Star Universe or Phantasy Star Online 2, IMO.
There are two types of POE players:
1) Those who want to walk uphill both ways barefoot on broken glass wearing a blindfold
2) F*cking noobs

I identify as transnational Chinese. May I have access to their QOL features, please?
The addition of cluster jewels to the game is the worst thing you guys have ever done.

10-20 ex more per character

Adding inconvenience to an already inconvenient game.

Further gatekeeping anyone with a life from endgame content.
I'm playing on PS4. I really want auto-trade (for specified value, obviously) and advanced search.

Without auto-trade, sometimes the seller is never online. Very sad for softcore.

But the main problem is the search engine. Sometimes you need to search in 200 pages to found the items you are looking for... and still don't have it. So much wasted time. And as you said, items are important. Time wasted on trade market is lesser time playing...

And other thing... in PoE you don't drop good items. You need to craft them - or have a very small RNG in vaal orbs.

Please consider that we have very few players and no group options (unless you alredy have friends who play PoE).

I propose an idea: how about make the trade easier on console (with a very different market then pc) and see what's happen? I doubt someone will complain about that...
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