Path of Nerfs

Asilehs wrote:
I've always wanted to push for 100 but never can. Looks like i'll be getting level 90 again.

The reason so many people leveled so fast in the league was because there were 10 breaches per area...
Please consider this!!

turmoil and mayhem are NO Leagues, those are races. They don't count.
The exp nerf is ridiculous, I really wanted to push 100 for the first time in Abyss, guess it won't happen.
Thanks for VP nerf tho, that was needed.
Please keep listening to your community, and reverse the exp nerf.
nerf VPS zerker and pathfinder to much needed .
seanxjohnson wrote:
I strongly disagree with the XP nerfs, I think the vast majority of players have a dream to hit 100 one day and that just went out the window. I don't understand why the plight of the top racers, i.e. the people who do this for a living, would impact your decision so heavily. That seems like such a poor decision.

This...This needs a couple of hundreds upvotes.. Fuckin oblivious devs..


Thank God...I was worried I might finally get a character to level 100

Hate that POE seems to be devolving into nerfing everything to make it enjoyable/challenging for the 1% of 1%

I submit that the players that find the game too easy try to run a build other than meta, play in SSF, and only play in hardcore...then complain that it is too easy....some of us have to work and can not devote 1000 hrs every league.

/end rant

edit for grammar and Im sure its still wrong...

I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
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Great job GGG. I'm stoked for tomorrow.
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- Stress-Free PoE Guides: (for all experience levels)
Rise of the Phoenix is a buff despite 3% less max. resists.
40-60 life & 15-20 life reg makes this shield a bit more flexible but still worse than medium/good rolled rare shields at same item level.
So many nerfs in past few patches. Game is fun because so many different build types being possible with certain setups. Blizzard loves doing this, nerfing anything that makes you feel 2 powerful.

Vaal Pact was long overdue. but maybe you guys need to look at other things as well to actually balance out the classes. Not with nerfs, but with buffs to other classes to bring them up a bit.

As a casual player doubt I'll ever hit 100 and I'm okay with that. But man thats one big increase :P.
SiriusLouve wrote:
Are you intending to change Vulnerability to Despair on Witchfire Brew then?
It says it right below the description of Despair.

WTF with this Rise of The Phoenix nerf? It's already a underused shield, don't you tell me its balanced to other shields.

For example, Saffels Frame gives +4% to ALL MAXIMUM RESISTS.

My fear is this overhearing 12yo players on reddit.

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