Path of Nerfs

Zhatan wrote:
The exp change is totally whacked. Almost noone gets 100 as it is and now we get it even harder, even fewer will get the chance to get there.

Instead of fixing the real problem with aura supports, crazy sextants etc. that pushed the timer for the few top racers everyone else gets shafted.

GGG logic at its finest. Disapointed.

Well, Chris actually admits their culpability;

Chris wrote:
Experience changes for high-level characters
Each league, the race to 100 is over more quickly than the previous one, as players become more efficient and the experience available gets larger. We receive overwhelming feedback (including from top racers) that this process should be made longer. We're going to be careful though, and just adjust it a bit at a time. In 3.1.0, this takes the form of small additional experience penalties at levels 95-99 that have the following effect:

1. Harbinger mobs and Harbinger maps....insane XP
2. Certain Legacy stone combos coupled with Zana mods, sextanted shaped maps....insane XP
3. Breach league with Zana Beyond....insane XP

So, instead of punishing those of us who aren't in the top .01%-.5%, how about toning DOWN the available XP for everyone???

And just to be clear, I am just fine with the rest of the announced changes.

But the additional XP nerf is just fucking flipping me off!
The_Risen wrote:
Chris wrote:

  • 95 to 96: 6.5% more experience needed
  • 96 to 97: 11.5% more experience needed
  • 97 to 98: 18.7% more experience needed
  • 98 to 99: 28.25% more experience needed
  • 99 to 100: 40% more experience needed

Oh nice, so people playing botlike doing the same repeated shaped content easy mode with aura bots will get to level 100 nice and easy in less than 1 week, STILL.


You are a casual? Bad luck, the 0.01 of comunity need 5 days more of races.

Why not put the penalty only in the actual league and NOT in the all leagues?
it's becoming Path of Exit
humms wrote:
it's becoming Path of Exit

More likely Path of Goodbye.
Xhibbi wrote:
Let's hope that the buffs makes up for this.
1. When you decide what direction to take, balance the game around hardcore and not softcore.
2. Balance the game around a 8-12h playtime a day not 24h+ sessions.
3. Create endgame content locked to only lvl96+ characters so that you can not enter before that.
1. Why HC?
2. Nobody is playing 24h+ sessions except maybe for the very first day in a league. Which is fine, it's a race.
3. You realize how few people get to 96+? Suggesting that GGG should create even more content for an even smaller segment of the player base is a bit silly.

1. There's far less builds that make it to endgame content with 4k-5k hp in HC compared to SC. As long as people think that their high clearspeed and low survivability is worth it and a death doesn't matter since it doesn't occur often enough for people to net negative exp per hour. This mentality isn't something you can have in HC and that is why I think that more skills should be much more powerful than they are. I don't care if you play SC and get to 100mil dps at 3.5k hp since it's no achievement to play SC anyway. And I say this even though lately I've mostly played SC since my friends are there.

2. My point with the "24+" comment were that these are the only people competing to a 100. When the competition is over and we normal people want to exp to a 100 it would make more sense that it's actually possible to reach lvl100 alone in a fair amount of time rather than weeks of playing. If you're playing rather regularly you will be a 100 after a league is dead, by this exp change I'm afraid you won't even get to a 100 within the league.

3. I do realize how few people get to 96+ but there should be a wall that lower characters has to pass to be able to enjoy greater content. What is the most likely reason that we don't see more people at lvl96+? That people don't think it's worth it to get to a 100 obviously. How will you get people to try and get to a 100 beside race rewards? Exclusive content only available to higher tiers of characters perhaps? Maybe make drops in those zones bound to a character or simply lvl restriction at higher levels?
Reasonable nerfs, but i don't like it anyway... lets wait and see if the buffs are interesting.╮(╯-╰)╭
Didn't Chris agree a few weeks ago that we need more chase uniques? Yet they go ahead and nerf the one with like 1% drop chance gated behind double RNG?

Why? Acuities are inaccessible to most of the casual playerbase, if someone manages to accumulate enough currency by grinding a lot for one they should feel at least a bit overpowered. And they've even made it to this conditional 'if you did something recently' bullshit? I have no words for this.

I'm fine with the Vaal Pact change it was easily accessible and had no tradeoff for ranger / shadow builds. But the acuity change is just completely unreasonable. Every patch we have to see a top tier item (Skyforth, Shavs, Mjölner for instance) get completely gutted and made into something that is mediocre at best. They should have just changed it back to like it was in 1.3: still gives instant leech but with less effectiveness (40-60%). This would fulfill their nerf fetish while still being a really good item.

Barrage enchant nerf was completely unnecessary aswell since again on unique helms it costs 40-70ex. When will a casual player be able to afford one? Also I have been running uber lab since Atlas Of Worlds release using twice enchanteds and had no +2 barrage enchant in 88 labs (I'm sure this is even a low number). Just nerfing the base damage would have been fine but I'm guessing that they're gonna go double with this one.

Can't really react to the slayer, life rf, dark pact change since I don't play them.

I don't usualy go rambling like this but this time you guys made poor decisions regarding "balance". Guess now it's just about catering to the reddit playerbase right?

Enjoy the salt.
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The xp nerf is just way too painful. I've been playing for a few years now and still haven't got a character to 100. It was a personal goal to eventually get at least one character to max level, but now it just isn't going to happen.

Skipped the last league due to time constraints, but I think I'm going to skip this one too. Hopefully, nerfing xp doesn't become a seasonal trend.
Yeah VP Nerf was required, thats maybe true, you just shouldnt get the power of the strongest unique item ingame with a single node.

And now? Now you can get the power of the single node with the "strongest" and rarest unique item ingame


Path of Goodbye, true
So many people who suddenly want to be lvl 100 this league although they clearly don't have the time investment required, whether there is a nerf or not...

the only little chunk of people that can be hit by this nerf is maybe the very few ones who managed to be level 98/99 at the end of the league and really tried hard to get lvl 100 but failed. Okay I have to agree that this sucks for them.

Otherwise : your best characters were level 94 or less? well guess what even before the nerf you were only HALF WAY THROUGH lvl 100, and you're all like "olololz I wanna be lvl 100 this league I just have to magically more than double my effectiveness and time investement, easy ! OH NO, A 40% NERF, I WILL HAVE TO DOUBLE MY EFFECTIVENESS PLUS A LITTLE BIT MORE ! HERESY"

Other thing about GGG "only thinking about top racers" and shit, oh my god how can you say that, this nerf is actually the best way to think about them AND ABOUT YOU WHINERS. You prefered that they nerf the exp gain of areas? of packs? of mechanics such as sextants and density AKA STUFF THAT WOULD ALSO ACTUALLY AFFECT YOU AND YOUR LEVELLING PROCESS? NO, they nerfed stuff that only matters to the people who asked for it. How dare GGG nerfing something that you will probably NEVER even experience because a minority of players that are concerned about it asked for it?

If this wasn't be made public, everybody complaining (besides the very few I pictured at the beginning of the post) would not even have noticed it, but yeah right game is ruined.

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