Path of Nerfs

*not even 5% reaches 100 level. they are too many. increase the xp needed past 95 level. this will stop players even thinking to go 96 level". instead of decreasing the xp needed you increase it. *middle fingers up and screw you
wanted to play my favourite build in ssf like I always do. RF.
A build nearly nobody bats an eye at because it is so niche and passive.

Just tested with 85% resistance, a marble amulet and vitality.
So basically 1% under the new cap for fire resistance. With the correct pantheons and so on.
The lifereg was so slow I couldn't believe it. The ROTP nerf is by far the most stupid nerf I've seen. Maybe you can top it by nerfing glacial hammer. It now makes an fireflask mandatory, period, even on trash. You nerfed the Leo enchant, now you nerfed rotp. Why not just delete RF from the game then.

It is still playable, but is it still fun? I doubt that.

So without trading, just ssf, building a RF char was not an easy task to begin with. Now it is straight pointless.

Don't even know if I want to play that league anymore, because I was actually looking forward to play my niche build.
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Okay... The only gem that ever used this was Righteous Fire... Which is a slow clearing build, slow boss killer (at least in my experience), slow turtle everything (have yet to see anyone make an RF build that doesn't put everyone else to sleep), and not necessarily easy to build. Yeeeeah, let's nerf that. Doesn't make much sense to me but okay...
Agree with all you said except the exp nerf QQ and this. RF is insane at the moment, one of the fastest clearing builds with very minimal investment. Mayhem HC SSF #1 first to reach 100 was RF.
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sunnymarcell wrote:
Will the new Vaal Pact work with energy shield?

I was actually thinking this as well. In the picture that was released a while ago, it didn't say that it didn't apply to ES. That said, I would be lead to believe that it does work with es now. Given the distance between Ghost Reaver and Vaal pact now, can see them lifting the nerf, a little.

That said, I am totally fine with the majority of changes. I'll miss VP, but hey, you can't win them all. I think forcing people to invest in alternative forms of defense other then having an adequate life pool and face tanking almost everything is a great idea. Aside from that, reflect has been reworked, so 50% of the reason for having VP is gone to begin with.

I'm interested to see what the patch notes are going to say.
So a person that only gets a few hours a night will most likely never make it too 100 nurfing around the 1%
These changes (except for VP) are horrible.
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they dont see that behind this 1 % is a Team who farm maps and shit tonns of currency to make this one top to ladder -.-

I think GGG is blind in this case to see what any league they do to the customers

Whats the Point ?

Answere us finaly !
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Good to see something like "Despair" curse for chaos-dmg oriented builds. But probably still dot-focused Contagion + ED combo gonna sux on bosses, since they are highly resistant to curses (at least Izaro is, so uber lab was a painful exp). I won't be suprised if the 3.1.0 new bosses are also less affected by them...

Can't speak about grinding the last few lvls - since my highest is 85 - but if devs feel, that it was possible to get them too fast, then so be it.
Embracing path of nerfs
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Being one of those who've not even made it to 90 (although close), i don't really care much about the experience nerf - basically it should take really long to achieve level 100 (which in my experience already was the case).

What i want to see are buffs/changes to skillgems that have been forgotten, like Elemental Hit.

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