Path of Nerfs

The best patch note since a long very long time.

Now, I m waiting for thoses buffs.

Thanks GGG
The funniest thing is that I'm having a legit Deja Vu of the day when Diablo III started to die.

This is the prologue of the end of Grinding Gear Games. And I'm sad about it.
Chris wrote:

Queen of the Forest
Now has 200 to 240% increased Evasion Rating (down from 240 to 380%). The movement speed bonus this item can provide has been capped at 100% for all versions.

Changes to evasion basetypes in The Fall of Oriath both pushed the evasion rating of this item too high, and took the movement speed this item granted to an extreme. We never intended for a single item to be able to provide so much movement speed. Over time as more movement speed and evasion became available this item has become unreasonable. The movement speed players were attaining was not something that the game was designed to handle. This cap is unlikely to affect average use of this item.

Well boys. We may have come to the end of our road. The projected Movement speed in 3.1 will be about 250%. And that's not too bad. But I'm not sure if it's going to beat leapslam now. I'll do some testing and figure things out asap.
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Welcome to PoE, finally got a build that can end game? Let us fix that, NERFS FOR EVERYONE! Seriously, wtf GGG? STOP NERFING THINGS!
i love this post! HURAY NERFS
F... more exp an higher penalties for 90% of ur supporters are F...ed again hope u find support Iam done

It's very apparent what GGG's game is regarding skills and nerfs.

They have no intention on "balancing" anything. Make sure we understand this concept.

They release new skills, nerf old skills on a regular basis.

This is to kills old builds on standard league to get people to move over to the new challenge leagues.

If this pattern holds true, expect huge nerfs on existing skills like Dark Pact.

And the new skills being released will be somewhat OP to lure people in until the next round of draconian nerfs.

It's why I stopped supporting the game, every skill based MTX might as well be considered temporary until that skill is rendered not usable in end game content.

I'm fairly certain Berserker will be killed this next update. RIP

GGG doesn't balance, they kill builds and then promote new skills, every single league.

You sir, are a man of truth. Amen.
When you were going there, I was coming back from it

My time is limited and i usually reach around 93. Thought i squeeze a bit more time in to finally get that lvl 100 achievement.

Guess not.

Sorry if you do this for the tiny ammounbt that reach 100, yeah not interested you just fucked the rest of the scrubs that are trying to finally get that lvl 100. Why does that has to be adjusted for racers, like anyone cares and tbh the overwhelming feedback? Yeah ok.

Not appreciated :(
Good stuff so far, can't wait for tomorrow's notes!
nadakuu wrote:
UbyTuesday wrote:
seanxjohnson wrote:
I strongly disagree with the XP nerfs, I think the vast majority of players have a dream to hit 100 one day and that just went out the window. I don't understand why the plight of the top racers, i.e. the people who do this for a living, would impact your decision so heavily. That seems like such a poor decision.


give the racers an event where they get 1 xp from all monsters.
xp nerf is utter trash for the game as leveling was already too slow in the 90s

Sure, and if the XP bump is mainly for races then just add it to the races, not the core game.

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