Path of Nerfs

raawwrr wrote:
vp nerf, barrage nerf, rotp nerf, everything that are useful are being deleted from the game. literally!

Literally none of those things were deleted from the game. The only thing that was is instant leech.
Barrage's prolly still gonna have insane single-target even with the new enchant.
Rotp nerf...yeah it kinda sucks, 3%max res is a lot, but we'll have to see how can RF builds compensate for it before making this kind of judgement.
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Instead of nerfing the xp needed for highest levels you should have rather put an experience penalty on those races!
I was taking a break from the game since harbinger got really boring - and I had played for like the last 4 years straight.

I think I am just gonna take a few leagues off because the severity of these nerfs definitely hurts. I really hated the last time they did this, and I dont really want to go through that again - logging in to find various gear worthless, too many garbage uniques, fewer and fewer chase uniques, endless XP nerfs.... man, none of that sounds fun, and I just dont want to deal with it.

I hope you all have fun in the abyss league and find lots of cool stuff.
Chris wrote:
As developers, we're not afraid to nerf game elements that are too powerful and are harming Path of Exile. Unfortunately, patch notes are not the best way to communicate these nerfs, because their format and information density makes it hard to include sufficient explanation.

as developers you have the "god" permissions to do whatever you want, but WE, as customers have the rights to not support you, so think about it .... how much money will you loose after nerfing everything ...

If you get this information from pro players I think the casual players are much much more than those pro players, so, in one good day you will left only with few players on which you will count to pay your servers for ... LoL
Also do you know that, there is a plenty of new and old other games?
Please don't take my post as an offensive one, but we are trying to get some fun after the hole day at work and you are trying to take it away from us ...
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@GGG I feel like a lot of the people here are short sighted, I think you're doing wonderful things for this game and hopefully, next patch maybe we can focus on making the game more fun to play, instead of being forced to focus on balance so much haha.
Ashriel wrote: listened to the 5 players that wanted it longer? What about the other 99.999% of your player base?

yes. yes! U cant make this game just for the 5 players who earns their money with this and are able to do nothing else. its fun to look their streams but this is it. other people has normal jobs tho. and just a few hours per week. how are we supposed to do this shit?! damn
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Hey i have an idea, why dont you erase the game completely and all of us can be in peace for a change, is there anything else you want to nerf while you are at it? ohhh wait there isnt anything else left to nerf, you pretty much nerfed the whole game, why dont you fucking introduse stones to the game so we can throw to enemies but sooner or later you will nerf those also.
What about bloodseeker claws? Is that unique will be same as atziri's acuity? Or instant leech from this weapon will works?
oh boy
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