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İs there only me ? İt take like 30sec after 3.1 on xbox one. İf u havent please tell me maybe reinstall solve this.
Last bumped on Dec 26, 2017, 4:06:17 PM
You should really use an external SSD or at least an external HDD if you want decent loading times.
İt wasnt that long in Harbinger leauge.
Despite the other comments, the load times are much longer than that of harbinger. I've definitely noticed.
Reinstalled and it almost good now.
This game should be installed on an INTERNAL HDD, not external. If you are having load time issues then reinstall the game and it should clear it up a lot. It seems that if you are using an external drive and you actually install on the internal drive, the patches are going to the external one if you have it set as default drive. Therefore it's still having to access the external which for some reason this game doesn't do well. You can actually just "move" the game to the internal. You don't have to reinstall.

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