Purchase confirmation please.

I just accidentally buy a 200-point helmet (which I find very ugly)
because I just wanted to see the preview, and it accidentally clicked twice (old controller)...
Now I have loose 200 points and i havé a helmet that I never mistreated (yeyy! -_-´)
!please could you add a purchase confirmation order just before finalized one,
I think it would help a lot of people .
((thank you for reading me and really sorry for my English))

Last bumped on Dec 27, 2017, 3:56:36 AM

If you contact support (Support@grindinggear.com) they may be able to help refund the helmet you purchased by mistake.

Thanks for your post, I will pass your feedback on regarding how purchasing works.
Thank you very much for your suggestion!
I have contact the support and apparently he can help me during the day.
I'm relieved, I did not imagine it was possible!
Thank you again for your reply., you are doing a great job!
Have a good day.


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