Vorici Missions Consideration

Several of the Vorici Missions have a double trigger where one must accomplish a goal while typically refraining from killing a named target. I find the missions interesting but feel often frustrated by the inability to effectively identify the do-not-kill target in time to be crafty. The Xbox lacks the mouse-over ability that allows PC users to easily and safely check out the status of the targets on the screen. My suggestion is that some way be found to help identify the do-not-kill target from a distance. My original thought was a colour code on the overhead maps, but a monster aura (as suggested by others as a way to identify dangerous monster abilities) would also work. The Vorici missions are really just an example of a core functionality (mouse-over IDing) not being replicated yet on the Xbox. The issue is not that the Xbox should instantly have (or ever have) everything found on the PC version, but that the game is "balanced" based on the PC version and if something is lacking in whole or in part on the Xbox, the knock-on effects can be material. Currently it feels like Xbox players lack a great deal of information available to PC players and yet the game is set up based on this info being available. In my mind, examples from the forums include the desire for chat (to exchange info), better trade info, and better party formation info. This seems an issue worthy of the attention of the great minds at GGG - and if I might be so bold to suggest, sooner than later. Love the game, but ....
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