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New player, very happy, became supporter.

Suggestion - I wanted to be able to loot specific items from the ground, but had difficulty and was frustrated. Would love 'loot mode' button that allows me to scroll through all nearby items. This mode would respect filters.
Last bumped on Dec 27, 2017, 10:01:44 PM
Two things that might help you out. Moving the right thumb stick around lets you select through different loot on the ground. Also if you hold right trigger and then press down on the D pad twice it will turn loot off and then back on which will cause it to reorganize the loot to access things easier when there is a lot of loot on the ground. If you didn't know about either of those it could help a lot. I personally don't have a lot of problems looting things in the game. I also highly suggest using the loot filters provided. If you aren't in the acts and have gotten to mapping then you should be running a minimum of Neversink 2. It's just not economical to be sifting through tons of loot that is worthless.

Hopefully that helps out some as I don't really see them putting a lot of time into the loot system with all the other issues that are out there currently.

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