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Thank you for the build. It rocks. Im way into red maps so far. Can you post an update on your jugg? Im not really shure for what weapon to aim.
Hello. First of all awesome build guide, one of the most detailed guide I have ever seen, great work. I'm preparing to play it in the harvest league on console, so I have a few questions:
1) Are cluster jewels mandatory in 3.11? Or are They some upgrade option for expensive end game?
2) In PoB there are nodes that i don't understand, like "Call to arms", I don't see any warcry's that are used in gems You listed, neither in PoB. Can You look in to it?
3) Can i play on 1 setup for bossing and mapping? I am aware that for bosses like, shaper, sirus etc. I do have to game swap, since ancestrall call and stuff like that is pointles on 1v1 boss. But, things like Veritana, or any other conquerror, when i finish clearing the citadel, and have a portal to him, do I have to gem swap for him?
4) Few people mentioned that 2h Axes have better dmg, is it true? If yes, what do You think about swaping 2h swords to 2h Axes, since Starforge got nerfed hard.
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Good topic in the last page, once GGG gutted SF as the hard to beat top tier unique we have been "enabled" to use other weapons.

Every weapon type has its perks and can be made to work, anyway after a couple days testing the new stuff my pwersonal pick is the staff as the new best weapon for a crit jug (to be fair staff has always been the crit 2h to go if you didnt go starforge).

What this build kinda struggled lately was how to get any more 2h tankiness, the now easy to reach keystone Glancing Blows is the answer for that.

As for the craft itself, the bases are Crit sword: Exquisite blade, Crit axe: Fleshripper, Crit staff: Eclipse staff, Spellblock Staff: Judgement staff
Right now i am not sure what is a good combo, i've done some crafts in the past

And it is such a pain in the ass and am lazy now to check what is the way to go especially after the multimod nerf, maybe 1 jagged fossil spam or harvest spam (i've been able to get a 540pdps staff with t1 harvest craft spam)? And are there possible options with harvest? no idea.

I'm forming a new opinion on the build after ive seen the 2h changes in harvest, it still has his spot mainly because of the subtle unnoticed speed that it has

I've played a lot 2H Vaal EQ/GS/sweep staff/mace slayer last league and am trying Earthshatter+Warcry staff jug now, with the animations/aftershocks they are still not subtly quick like the HS, I'd like to wait more days to see if i change my mind.

I'll post an updated POB with the new couple warcries soon

p.s. i've seen the situation and made a comparison of my std jug with the new SF it is quite depressing tbh
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Alright I'm leaving here the final POB for 3.11

- Revised tree (sorry for those who need to respec)
- With the new warcries
- without multiex mods and checks
- with what is imo the best balance between offense and defense


staff version with less dmg more block (approx 20-30% more effective ehp) and less life (approx -10%)

overall 3.11 was not the update that i was waiting for, the clear and aoe was immensely buffed but at the same time the single target was kinda cut in half :psyduck: It's a joke when you see casters with maxblock 7k life and 10mil aoe autotarget dps tbh and they keep getting buffs

I was creating this build since approx 3.0, in 11 leagues it had 2 buffs, one was the jug rework, the other was Legion.

Strangely the 2h rework gave this build an identity crysis, the true oneshotter are now Slams+Warcry

Don't get me wrong it has a 2+mil clear dmg and ~3-5mil realistic single target now with +1 strike and retains the ~0.3s attack speed so still worth playing for those who want a solid 2h striker

But i think it is time for me to mothball it for a while until there will be a "strikes rework"
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hello i have wanted to ask do I have to change gems between fighting trash mobs and bosses or can you help me understand what skill link should i normaly use
Stonemen wrote:
hello i have wanted to ask do I have to change gems between fighting trash mobs and bosses or can you help me understand what skill link should i normaly use

The only difference between aoe and single is melee splash.
Everything inside maps map bosses included is killed with the aoe (melee splash) setup

The single target setup is only needed for guardian bosses and shaper/sirus bosses where you want to kill the things asap before you get some mistake and oneshot

Sad to see the build Mothballed i look forward to update / return of this build. Have you got any links to other builds you are working on a can review?
Thanks for the updated staff version. A couple questions:

1. I noticed you don't have the mana leech node anymore, which seemed like something you stressed in previous versions of the build. Are the reduced mana costs enough to fix mana concerns, or do you need to craft mana leech on your gear?

2. Your links for your staff crafts don't work for me. What would be the ideal craft for a 2H judgement staff? Edit: Looks like PoB has the craft, but the sockets are 6L blue. What goes in there? I was enjoying the ancestral warchief.
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The mana leech node is now under Vaal Pact.
Duh, thanks! I should've seen that.

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