[3.x][Super Heavy Heavy Strike] 2H HS Jug - All Content

If you look at my profile the character is public, Lily_strikingheavily.

The gloves I crafted after hitting AL8 so you don't need anything that busted, and I'm still finishing the craft there.

Flat phys on jewellery goes a long way, and getting the brass dome is huge for survivability.
Just want to give a shout out to this build thread since I finally finished the 24 Harvest League challenges for my cloak using my Judgement Warstaff Heavy Strike Juggernaut.

Even though this is only my second league (so I don't have much experience), I found this build a lot more fun than my Golemancer last league. Harvest was perfect since it really let me craft a lot of my gear. I ended up crafting a ~830 dps Judgement Warstaff, which likely wouldn't have been possible otherwise. This build had a good balance of survivability and damage output, which is great for noobs like me.

All in all, not disappointed one bit in rolling Heavy Strike this league!


I can't kill uber atiziri, reflect kill me, do you have any tips? I have this same build. however as the starforge was nerfed i am using one two handed sword with 815 pdps, thanks for your attention;

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