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Lemmji wrote:
I immediately loved the build and respecced my EQ Disfavour Jugger into it. So far my gear is, due to currency limitations, not really perfect but it works out.

Two things though: I am not near 65k armor with everything I have. I'm at about 55k armor. Am I missing something?

Two: I nearly killed myself at Atziri today because she reflects some damage (not in the split phase - see here: https://gfycat.com/PinkSevereKinglet )
What can we do against reflect? Basically nothing? Basalt flasks (forgot to use one)?


It's those 2 points in the duelist area!

This is mine, 63k

Ooooh I totally forget they give inc. Armor too :D Thanks!
Added gifs, pob link, screens of effective DPS on trash, rares, shaper, it's way over 9000!
Added leveling items, tree progression explanation, leveling guide, HS gems setups explanation, we are almost done :))
Added red tier Elder + Elder Guards videos! I will be less present during the coming week, but I will try to keep watching the thread :)
Could you post your gem setups? I see you mentioned CWDT and Golem. I'm fairly new and was wondering if you can expand on those.
CynosureAvro wrote:
Could you post your gem setups? I see you mentioned CWDT and Golem. I'm fairly new and was wondering if you can expand on those.

Yes sorry, didn't get to put all gems.

CWDT (cast when damage taken), is usually used at low level, like lv2-3 (or a portion of your total hp) together with immortal call (IC), to give a minimum of 0.4sec of phys invulnerability (the level at which to put is based on your yadda yadda calculations preferences, and needs).

But in my case I like to have it at lv20 linked to autocast Molten Shell (gives armor) and Ice Golem (crit and accu). You can put various stuff on CWDT, like the mentioned IC, Bloodrage, Tempest Shield and something else (try a search on CWDT setups)

Meanwhile, for the other gems setup, have a look on the gems linked in "final gear", in the helm, gloves, boots, also chest.

Quick recap:
- Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic
- Blasphemy + Vulnerability
- Determination
- CWDT + Molten Shell + Ice Golem (you can put also Earth if you like, Fire is kinda useless instead)

EDIT: also, you can put Immortal Call on a low level CWDT for an extra invulnerability (for example in the same item that has blasphemy + vulnerability) i think I will try that route as well
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What's also important to note is that we should definitely capture the Soul of Shock and Horror (Torture Chamber Boss) with a Divine Vessel to get 30% reduced shock duration and effect - which negates one of the big downsides of Brass Dome (50% inc. Shock Duration on you).

Helpful against Elder minions and I think even Elder himself because his tiny tentacle monsters shock.
Very interesting build, I like the fact that you can use heavy strike + Ancestral Warchief.
I am currently switching to this build with my lvl 95 Marauder. I will post a feedback soon.

Thank you for that build! Have a nice day !
OK, I will post a quick feedback, level 95. Firstly Here is my stuff :

Generally, It is a very good build. I like the fact of beeing a tank. This is exactly the way I like when I play a melee character.
I am playing this game for something like 3000+ hours and I tried a lot of builds. And today I can tell that this game has serious mechanics problems. Especially with survivability. Why ?

You have only 2 ways to play effectively :

1) DPS, DPS, MORE DPS. You have to kill before to be killed !
2) Necro build. Let your minions take all the hit and watch them with a cold beer !

I tried 2 phoenix maps and 1 minotaur. I just killed 1 phoenix.
I played Minotaur without extra dmg mods. That was not even a close fight. I got raped. With 6.5k Life, 80% phys reduction, and fortify. I cannot facetank a physical boss. IMO there is big problems of survivability to solve for GGG.

I will go on to play your build because I really like to play a tank character and your build is objectively very good. But this game in my opinion has survivability problems.
I wanted to ask you : how could we improve that build ? But the problem is that your build is already really good ! The only advice I can tell is to play with purity of fire instead of determination for phoenix boss. And even with that I died a lot of times.

Have a nice day !

P.S: I know that not all my gems are 21/20, but this will not solve the problem !

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