Probabilistic Map Drops


Did you guys write any unit tests to determine the probability distribution/curve for map drops on the new Atlas? I've been playing the same 5-10 maps for nearly 20 hours on XBox One... and I am not making any progress on the Atlas. I am wondering if there are extreme edge cases where a gamer may go even longer without any Atlas progress. This seems like a very risky game design aspect.

On some of the edge nodes... I ran the maps 8-10 times chiseled and rare and could not get the next node to drop.
Last bumped on Dec 28, 2017, 5:09:03 AM
The rng is not completely random.

There is some kind of fixed rng over few hours, the amount of hours are not the same.
You will find the same uniqs in 3 hours at times, nothing at all in 4 hours, fun uniqs only over 2 hours, same master over and over for 3 hours etc.
Boring, fun, same, new, no at all maps works the same. Tho no map hours sort of dont exist in this league while wrong maps seems to be extra common.

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