Microtransactions XBOX Live [BR]

Good afternoon, I'm trying to buy fire and ice mystery boxes in xbox one, and they're not showing up. Are they blocked for "XBOX LIVE BR"?
Sorry for my mistakes, my first post.
Last bumped on Dec 30, 2017, 10:52:51 AM
I saw them in the store last night but when trying to buy one i got a message saying "microtransaction does not exist"

possible they pulled them due to a bug or something.
Hey guys,

This has been fixed, they should be purchasable again.
sadly they are not....
and there is also a problem with buying points. wont work aswell...
Frittenbude wrote:
sadly they are not....

Is the box not purchasable for you? What issue are you having with buying points?
well...the boxes dont show up in microtransactions, the category buy points doenst load, cant change skills in my secondary skill slots(joypad works just fine in other games). thought it might have been somekind of bug during last patch download..installed it again..same issue..oh and please give us the choice to switch to english :)
still got the same problems..🙂

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