Xbox Trade System...

So I've been thinking...

So far I have been defending the trade system on the xbox based on the information provided by GGG of this is how it is because we don't want loot to be too easy to get and if we have to make it easier then we would have to make loot drop more rarely.

I would be accepting of this if it wasn't for which is actually run by GGG.

There is honestly zero reason at this point that the console version of the game has to put up with this crap system. We need a search function for specific items. We need to be able to search for specific affixes, just and stat minimums. We need the ability to set a price for a specific tab so that everything we drop in there is already priced and ready to go.

These are all features of which the PC version currently runs. The fact that the xbox version in inside the game does not mean that it's "easier" than a web based version. That's just the simple fact of moving your game to console and the fact that no one really uses their web browser on their console.

Other features that would be nice is the ability to track items in some way that you've bid on and the seller has declined so you don't keep offering the same offers to people who aren't willing to sell for that price. Also the timer to resubmit an offer to the same account either needs to be longer or the amount of times that you can submit an offer to the same account for the same item needs to be limited by some amount per day.

I can't honestly sit by and defend this system anymore with PC having something as excessively useful as and we are stuck with this gimp system.
Last bumped on Dec 30, 2017, 4:32:04 PM

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