Rubber Banding + Pillars of Arun = Rage Inducing

We all know the rubber-banding with movement skills is still unbearable in the game. I think this should be priority #1 on the development team's list.

More frustrating is this mechanic with the Pillars of Arun map. By far the most frustrating thing I have done this season. Luckily I only had one death, but please see videos below to show how bad rubber-banding can be.!AsEyhzzgLMgygTLIcLLhP4gIPRTD!AsEyhzzgLMgygS8g04UTG8tJPry-!AsEyhzzgLMgygTAR6bOThbPJq7X4!AsEyhzzgLMgygTGbnn6BKCeY1KIP

Good luck to any others that attempt the map!
Last bumped on Dec 31, 2017, 12:00:03 PM

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