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^^^ I couldn't disagree more. I'm finding post patch much more enjoyable. The killing of mobs being discouraged in a game like this makes absolutely no sense. Kiting overtuned mobs away from interrupting your rogues was beyond annoying.

Loving the build though, having a lot of fun with it. Thanks for the guide.
Just crafted this.

The craft itself took me 2 Orbs of Alteration, 1 Regal Orb, 2 Exalted Orbs. Got pretty lucky.

First time trying this build and it feels very strong, very strong. Clearing the content easily so far.
Confirmed league is ruined

On that note: the alt. quality gem for Caustic Arrow gives an added physical damage conversion to Chaos. The thing is, the only physical damage element I can see is the bit where it initially hits an enemy

Is the alt quality gem for caustic arrow completely pointless or is there a factor I'm missing here?
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isomeras wrote:
Is the alt quality gem for caustic arrow completely pointless
Managed to farm enough chaos in a few Heists to nab a 6L Null's Inclination.
Am also using, since I need 212 Int to run it, Soulrend (another Chaos Duration Projectile) linked up with Greater Volley Support. If anything, it's humorous watching 5 parallel lines of death lance forth, especially since I hooked up the Hextouch Despair duo to it. Works wonders down all the corridors we face.

My question is: "Are the packets of CA DoT different and stacking to the Soulrend DoT, or do they interact with the other?" I just wanted something else while I'm waiting to refresh the CA, and Soulrend looked like it would scale much better than the Ice Shot I was using. I'm about 1/3 thru Act 9 (level 67) and at 40k DoT dps with CA and 5700 DoT dps with Soulrend.

Managed to catch a Tabala Rasa drop, and cashed that in for my Kintsugi. 86% Evade chance with Jade Flask. Happy newbie, but need more to cap.

Still using Frenzy, and am experimenting with Poison Support with it.
Also use two of these in the 4L (so far) Kintsugi: Arrow Nova, Barrage Support, Mirage Archer. AN+MA gives me a 5-point star-burst and a friend. AN+BS gives me a pair of 7-point star-bursts. MA+BS is the classic, submachine-gun Heist setup, with "my little friend", focused and decent for bossing. If I'm facing nothing but small mobs, I might swap in Void Sphere for the lulz.

Yep, still have the Wither Totem, but not using the Multiple Totems as I need space for these Soulrend shenanigans and I usually bring two Siege Ballistas to draw aggro and fire down corridors anyways.

She is a delight to play.
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How can dread banner+generosity trigger wind dancer?
HeronLinn wrote:
How can dread banner+generosity trigger wind dancer?

I also have this question and I PMd the OP asking for help understanding. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I don't see any benefit in my character sheet when placing a banner that has just been through hordes of monsters. I made sure to only have it hooked up to Generosity, as the guide says too.

Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.
HeronLinn wrote:
How can dread banner+generosity trigger wind dancer?
seventhaxis wrote:

If you read the Leveling and Progression > Mapping Progression > Red Maps > it says "Wind Dancer should only be used when combined with Dread Banner - Generosity combo to maintain 95% evade during mapping."

The only benefit you get from dread banner when linked by generosity is the "Nearby Enemies have (15-21)% less Accuracy Rating".

Having a Dread Banner - Generosity combo only reserves 10% unlike Flesh and Stone which is 25%, this will give you more room to reserve Malevolence, Clarity@Lv10, Dread Banner and Aspect of the Crab for endgame/min maxing.

With the combination of Raider Ascendancy + Vaal Grace, you'll be Attack and Spell dodge cap @75%.

With the combination of Raider Ascendancy + Dread Banner - Generosity + Wind Dancer, you will be Evade Cap @95%. (i don't think you can see this in-game but only in PoB if im right)

There is also a synergy between Wind Dancer + Kintsugi for a total of "40% less Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently".

In short, you are stacking multiple defensive layers (Atk&DodgeCap/EvadeCap/PhysReducCrabBarriers) as you progress, making this build tanky.

Hope this helps :)
PM @DankawSL or @Viktranka to confirm this correctly, haven't played for months, I might miss some updates.
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Tetrad wrote:
The only benefit you get from dread banner when linked by generosity is the "Nearby Enemies have (15-21)% less Accuracy Rating".

Very helpful, thank you! I continued using it on the assumption that it was helpful to have the accuracy reduction, but I was also assuming that I missed something integral to bump my evade chance. I'm only at 55% when not using Vaal Grace or flasks. Any ideas why it seems to be so low? Or maybe it's not and I'm misunderstanding the evade cap/mechanics.

Passive Skill Tree

Current Gear

seventhaxis wrote:

Starting with the most important question: "Why Raider of all classes?"
For powerful defensive abilities, QoL features and speed. When damage is not a problem, these are more valuable qualities than slightly higher dps number. That's why i believe this is the best ascendancy choice for life based CA.

This build features over 6000 life, very high evasion with up to 95% evade chance cap, 50/40% dodge/spell dodge. It's also immune to all ailments and can run absolutely any map mod. Any incoming damage can be easily solved with two instant life flasks healing you back to full life. Capable of clearing all content in the game.
Vaal Grace allows us to cap Dodge / Spell Dodge. It's a temporary aura which is best used during harder encounters like abyss/breaches/harbingers etc. Vaal Grace should be linked with Increased Duration support for longer uptime.

You probably have many questions to ask, and I don't do gear check, I suggest to re-read the guide.
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