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DankawSL Thanks for awesome build.
I have a question about the bandits. "Bandit Reward: Oak (recommended)..." - Does this mean that I need to leave Oak alive and kill two others?
I'm new to POE :)
Dawuda wrote:
DankawSL Does this mean that I need to leave Oak alive and kill two others?

September 16th, 2018
Passive Tree:
* Added additional line to normal 93 tree, to pick up nearby jewel slots if you reached designated level.

* Added 2 new 3.4 videos:
#1 - T15 Shaped Siege (~100% more monster life)
#2 - 200 depth delve run (monster level 78)
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/view-thread/2247655 - Crimson Bow Gladiator, RoA + Puncture | Pure Bleed Build
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Amazing build/guide. As an inexperienced late-game player, I found it incredibly indepth and well sorted for finding info I needed and skipping info I didn't.

Best PoE experience I've had so far (and highest level). All my friends were jealous of my superior -totally transparent- build, prior to their untimely passing.
Very surprised to see updates at start of the league with info many others keep to themselves for advantages to their in-group.

I never post on the forums. Logged in just to say thanks and good job.
Hi, I just wanted to ask, why don't you advise using mirage archer instead of GMP for clearing.It seems to be a lot better than reducing overall damage, and it might even be worth keeping, for lazy people like me, in boss fights, as opposed to switching in Swift Affliction again.
I have been playing PoE for almost a year, always hc always wanting to try a bow build. The stats seemed easier to understand playing Jugg builds and they where of course much tankier than bow builds. I got to say i have been dreading the day i had to understand all the stats and stuff that i need too in order to start with a bow character.

This guide has it all, thank you so much for making this so easy to understand and follow. It really makes it possible for someone like me who doesnt understand much about bow builds. More often then not guides usually dont take the time to explain why you do certain things.

Ive had tons of questions since i started leveling and i have always found the answer written in this thread. Thank you ever so much, and finally a HC build that is possible without tons and tons of currency.

Best regards
I was curious if you had any suggestions on how to increase damage. I h ave a +3 bow, 40% helm enchant, several level 21 gems(dont have L4 empwoer yet), but my damage, esepcially on bosses is super bad. Like I think a shaper would take 15 minutes lol.
DankawSL wrote:
venoxrs wrote:
this can farm uberlab ?
How deep have you went in the mine?
what do you mean when you say onslaught path?

Yes, i recommend at least lvl 85, 5,5k life +2 6-link bow and skill effect duration nodes picked up. Of course the higher level the safer.

Depth 164 and i deleted everything on my path until i got oneshot by nothing (there's a screenshot somewhere in the thread).

Raider has 3 ascendancy paths: Frenzy, Phasing and Onslaught. You use Frenzy + Phasing by default and respec later to Onslaught + Phasing for additional defence and speed. Check details in progression section.

LMTR14 wrote:
venoxrs wrote:

what do you mean when you say onslaught path?

yeah I didn't really get that part either. so I just put the first 4 points into frenzy. please work on that section to make it more clear op. why do I need phasing path when the 30% elemental damage don't even apply to the char

79 now, early map clearance is pretty fast esp since I found tabula and put lesser multiple and conc effect into it. I got one-shot a few times cause I only have 17% fire res and it's never been harder to improve my gear by crafting ever (I play since beta). ggg fucked with the numbers too much clearly. high level delves are risky esp when I try to sidestep to explore and get stuck (or rubberbanded) behind enemies (I guess phasing would indeed be handy in those situations). yet, I still can't see how this build is supposed to kill anything endgame. when you get hit hard and the hit gets through, you just die

Necessary info is there, phasing gives huge boost of defence and QoL. I don't think it should be necessary for me to explain what each node does when can read it yourself. This guide is already long enough.

If mapping is fast now, why should you be worried about late game? You will get more damage as you level up and gear. Right now you deal barely ~1/3rd of the damage you will in the end game.

If you have resistances below 75% at this point, it's kind of a red flag. Common sense says you should cap it. Another common practice is picking up life over damage... maybe you should both of them? Picking up rares to replace your current ones (like your rings/amulet) over going as fast as possible is also a good idea. And let's be honest, i should not be saying any of those tips to a long time player. For as long as i use this build, i did not have issues gearing up to maps.

maxsl1978 wrote:
Thanks for the build. In crap gear 5L +2bow it breezes trough uberlab and so far t11-12 maps.

Btw after several days of playing - i switched to pathfinder path w/o toxic rain|HoA just for flask uptime and aliment immunity.

Also with so much free soc - Instead grace aura - using Herald of purity linked with minion health + res + duration bring ALOT of QoL, they stop huge amount of incoming damage and helps with positioning.

Raider has elemental ailment immunity since ascendancy got introduced, just saying. I never had issues with flask uptime in the end game, you become fast enough for that to be possible on Raider.

To be honest, bodyguards should not be necessary. Later on you will kill everything almost instantly (except in delves i guess), stepping to the side to dodge almost every projectile is a thing. I don't really see that setup bringing any real value. Oh well, if it works for you, i guess it's good enough.

wouldn't have asked if I knew the answer already. this game's manifold character building are in fact nothing but fronts and pitfalls as there are only a few actual roads to beating the game. for the longest time I played only my own builds and got absolutely nowhere obviously. it's not like the rules of this game are in plain sight after all - and neither do I have any interest in reading through forum posts and reddit shit to find out what is actually going on. some things you do in your build don't make any sense to me intuitively, but for this league I put my trust in your build and it better be worth it. after all these years and uninstalling and reinstalling this fucking game for at least 30 times I really do want to at least SEE the end of it once.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
I was trying to 5 link my Kintsuge and 6 linked it. Now I have a 5 link bow with +2 and a 6 link body. Should I move my CA to body?
linua wrote:
I was trying to 5 link my Kintsuge and 6 linked it. Now I have a 5 link bow with +2 and a 6 link body. Should I move my CA to body?

Ofc not, CA must be in bow but get +3, that so cheap in that league

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