yeaaaaaa on the forms aging......

so stop play the slayer because you cant use leap slam unsable. so made a necromancer.... great i use whirling blades same fucking problem....but not only that ... lets say i use a protal to escape my death or i load a map and there is adds near the protal... BEFORE I LOAD THE FUCK IN THE ADDS ARE ATTACKING MY FUCKING MINIONS. SO GUESS WHAT HAPPENS... THEY FUCKING DIED. so no point of doing maps as soon as i do i die or my minions are gone. i know this shit wont get fixed this season. i think im done with this game
Last bumped on Feb 9, 2018, 9:28:46 AM
will this be looked at or am i done with this game????
If you are able to get an external SSD, your loading times will be greatly reduced and will likely eliminate the problem with minions being dead at map loading.

I do agree movement skills aren't in a great place right now. I tend to use flame dash as it is the only one that feels OK.
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i have a xbox one s ,,,,,,,,, its not the load times its take 30 sec to load
go in the protal load then as 10 sec later i cant hear the adds and minions fighting. there needs to be a protection on the minions just like on the char its part of the chart......
I can feel your anger, it give you focus!
Mm yes your training is complete...

Hahaha i can feel the frustration of loosing your minions during loading time.
Can imagine how all minions will get flameblasted if you would die to atziri 😎

Tho im not buying that you had to quit slayer because of leap slam, dsync mainly happening when you are holding down leap slam to jump across an entire empty map, because why would you leap thru a full map of monsters.
eskimojesse wrote:
i have a xbox one s ,,,,,,,,, its not the load times its take 30 sec to load

Load times for me are around 5 seconds with original Xbox One and external SSD. Not clear to me if you are saying it takes 30 seconds to load... if so, you can solve that issue.
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yeah jump thro a map or jump 2 times in uber and get stuck in a wall or jump in to a mob of monsters then lag back in to another and get stunned and die. but i havent play this game for 300 hours or so im just a fucking dumb fuck .... telling me what happened in my game yeah gg son
so you want me to buy a 60 ssd. that might help the problem? even if its 5 secs a boss will destroy your minions if you dont have a offering up .......... so yeah that isnt going to help shit
took 5 secs to load the map so yeah dont need a ssd..;...............

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