yeaaaaaa on the forms aging......

dont say will you have shit net i have 170 mb net im the only one on it and its not wireless. no fucking game uses or needs 170 mb and if you make a game for the xbox one? right? make it work with all xbox ones right? that is why you made the game for ppl to play it on the xbox one. not the 700$ xbox shit.
not only that there is still frame problems in the new xbox one and lag so?
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Idk either, from what i can get he has 5 second loads, 170mb net, and still cant load in time.....

My recommendation is that you need to level your minions and look at your tree if they cant survive a 5 second load.
Leap Slam and Whirling Blades are useless movement skills on the Xbox. If you try to chain more than two leaps it desyncs. I cannot for the life of me work out why GGG doesn't address this as a major priority. I battled my way to Shaper with a Sunder/Leap Slam basic build but the desync issue is just so frustrating. I can understand people getting on here after spending hour and hours of their time (and in some cases their money) only to find that end game mechanics are just plain broken. A lot of people are plain frustrated and they are getting angry.

BTW the desync is worse than ever since the last patch.
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