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Can anyone direct me towards a list of pvp mechanics and attack times? im having a hard time finding any information related to pvp in poe, and its making it really hard to get into it/
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The scaling algorithms as of our most recent 1.3.0 alpha build are[1]:

((D/ T) / 125)^0.61 * 125 * T

for physical and chaos damage, and

((D/ T) / 290)^0.58 * 290 * T

for elemental damage, where

“D” is the damage of an individual hit.
“T” is the attack or cast time of the skill it comes from, or the assumed attack or cast time we have determined for that skill

"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
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@rupenus the very much I hate to admit it but I've visited that page several times and missed it with each passover
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