Huuuuge elder spawn problem

Only killed elder 3 times, because when i was doing tropical island and stuff then elder spawned in carcass and 3 guardians at defiled shrine and dig, fourt is at eithercolonade or spider forest.
I have now done palace and ghetto, so are close enough, just that it shouldent be like that i think.
Last bumped on Feb 12, 2018, 12:43:24 AM
LOL your lucky you have got to kill the elder.

I just played the game and finally got the guardians to spawn on red maps, so not thinking I killed all 4 of them and now I am stuck with the elder in Pit and tbh he is unkillable with my build. I have tried everything. I am lvl 93, got basically BiS items for my char, but still cant seem to get it to work.

Have watched PC players do the elder on my build etc etc but still no joy. Until I can kill it I cannot get to do the yellow and white version. So that challenge is out of the question for me :/

So good luck.

But I agree it should have been like that. It should have gone white/yellow/red only.

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