Abyss Content Integration

Abyss was a good League, with some new interesting items/mechanics.
Integrating it in the core gome was the decision to take, for many reasons, and the planned integration sounds as a good solution.

This said I'm still a little worried, by the sound of it you are not planning to tweak the range of the abyss jewels mods, which in my opinion are a little too powerful.
In most cases abyss jewels are a no brainer choice over the old normal ones.

Also... if you don't do anything for old belts, stygian vise will still be the only desiderable belt later in the game. Sure.. it will be harder to get a good one, but eventually everyone reaching maps will use a stygian vise.

Yes normal belts will get elder/shaper mods but in my opinion this is not enough for them to compete with the flexibility of the stygian vise.

Pretty good decisions made.
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The best league. Thank you for good work
Honestly, the Abyss League is the first league ever that I would be happy to NOT see in core game. It was most boring of all leagues for me (yes, even Harbringer was better in my opinion) an the only league in which I was skipping league mechanic (what's the point if even good jewels are worth 1c, and finding Lich is so damn rare).

About the items this league provided. Lighpoacher is totally broken, and even after nerf it will be chase unique (which is good) however the 100 flat ele dmg with 40-50 life jewels are totally NOT comprable to normal jewels. The only builds that have comparable normal jewels are elemental crit builds. Outside of those build, the abyss jewels will always be way way better to the point it makes bad skills good and good skills just broken.

Im really sad Abyss stays in the game...
there are 6 such belts in the total game and are owned by 3 people. thanks for supporting RMT, GGG :)
Why bother finding a Mirror of Kalandra if it can be [Removed by Support]
Killing the Elder or Shaper while following someone's build is like finding a street using google maps - such an achievement!
SaSquanch wrote:
I have kept almost 50 Stygian Vises, and have yet to use one. None of them impress me yet. A couple of the Jewels are ok. Never seen a Lich, and have only seen a few Depts. Meh.

if you only play the league for three days, then yea, it's not impressive. the stygian vises can roll explicits like other belts, but you get an entire abyss jewel as an implicit.

a couple of jewels are ok? up to 50 flat health and/or huge amounts of flat dps and other buffs is more than "ok". abyss jewels with "8% attack speed if you crit recently" can provide you with more than 100k shaper dps, at least in my current build.
Repeating myself but: How about rotating other random encounter features out, then? I still think that there already is way too much clutter from past leagues in the game. Maybe give Tormented Spirits a bit of a break and work on their AI?
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Great choices for integration. As I'm not a fan of the Abyss' and never really used the Abyss items, other than the belts which were best in slot, I can ignore anything Abyss related.
Not sure this is especially smart. I actually think Abyssal Jewels are fine. True, they are very strong in many builds but so are good regular jewels (especially in crit builds, which is a big portion of overall builds).
Depending on how rare Stygian Vises are, they'll still be BIS for every build unless you need a unique one. Actually this ain't too big of a deal for me either since they are just more interesting than regular belts. Never having to use another belt type is therefor a positive for me as well.

So what's my issue then? Tombfists. If they stay the same rarity (or a similar one) every attack build pretty much has to use them (unless, again, you need a very specific one). This annoys me to no end since it decreases options by a big margin as well. "Don't use it then!" isn't really a valid argument for me since I (and other players) will always go the way of least resistance. Eventually they'll have to buff content again due to the power creep items like this provide and you end up having to always use the item. Not because it boosts your power, but because you nerf yourself by not using it. I don't mind them this league but I'd rather see them go after.

This is actually a similar problem to Bisco's Collar.

Edit: Question is if the additional builds Abyssal Jewels and Stygian Vises enable make up for the loss of Variety from Tombfists. I'd be perfectly happy not having Tombfists and keeping the rest (with the changes Lightpoacher should be fine as well).
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Alysma wrote:
I still think that there already is way too much clutter from past leagues in the game. Maybe give Tormented Spirits a bit of a break and work on their AI?

Thats right, we hate new content! Remove the content so we can play the same game over and over again, and then we can complain that there is no new content and that we are bored!

Don't know about you, but the more random encounters available, the better. The more things you can chose to farm, or not to farm, the better. The longer maps take to complete, the longer the game overall, which means more gameplay. More gameplay = more fun. More mechanics, more content = more fun.

I honestly think that Harbinger could make it to the main game, one way or the other. Maybe not as a random spawn (since you cannot chose whenever you want to activate it, or not), but Orbs were great. Beachhead was terrible, tho.
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