Abyss Content Integration

it was fun but it's gone for good
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
lau wow
Very nice!!
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I just want to pop in and express my support for these changes. I like that you keep balance in mind as far as the Stygian Belts and jewels being potentially always best in slot for the base game. To make them harder to obtain will help keep other options on the table for the belt slot. Keep up the great work!
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Yeah! I'm very happy to learn that Abyss is remaining in the game. It's a very welcome permanent add-on to the core game. I hope we will see a Zana mod as well (just like the Breach one).

I hope Perandus is coming back some time as well. I'm sure a lot of development time was put into it as well, and it kind of sucks to see it disappear for full 3 month stretches when Zana doesn't offer the mod. :(
Looking forward to seeing this in Standard!
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To be honest I feel this is a bad call. Abyss items are too powerful, they overshadow everything else in the game to point where every future build will require them. At the very least please don't keep the belts, they're far better than every other belt in the game.
Holy moly
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By incorporating the content this way, nothing will really have changed after the early league (first week or so) is over. Stygian will still be the only belt worn and Abyss jewels will still be massively popular.

A bit surprised GGG decided to roll it all in this way. If anything it's a rich get richer situation where those that farm high tier maps quickly will end up getting a lot out of Abyss jewels and stygians. Those that smash sextanted white or low-yellow maps in a flash with see more abysses and get more uniques.
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