Abyss Content Integration

I was thinking this can get added as a map mod. I'm cool with the decision.

I just hope there won't be a challenge in future leagues where you need to complete x number of depths, or defeat lich y times. Especially I hope it won't happen when Abyss is the lv 8 zana mod.
So you basically only changed the availability of the items, not their power? Meaning they will still be the best choice, but only for the ones who can afford it?
Achilion wrote:
i still hope we get some endgame gamplay content that is fun ... and not maps and more maps again and again. For me this 3.1 was again mid-game stuff.

Maps ??? strange i just drop usuall useless maps i dont need..in fact i quit league for boredom.
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The belts have got to go. It's not an option for any other belt other then a vise with a semi-decent jewel to be used. It flat out beats any other belt out there, including shaper/elder belts except in extreme cases. Cases that 99% won't see. However 99% of the game using the same item..

Keep abyss and make the jewels more rare (still not a fun, but sure). Give people a choice on what jewels to use in tree. (combined with lich items like the body) But the belt has to go...
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lol some ppl here are so brainless

I'm afraid of this poe players... maybe spending too much time in the game and not going to school. :D

Good part is GGG staff still doing a good job. Thank you Qarl!
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Damn, great idea bout the Belt - competing with elder/shaper and making it more rare + higher lvl.
I just wish the Abyss Troves at the end opened instantly/faster...
And sometimes monsters from abyss holes come up very very slowly, hope that gets fixed too.
Qarl wrote:

If we kept the monsters and ground cracks, but not the rewards, we don't think that would be a popular choice. Nerfing the rewards heavily and keeping the content would let us keep the content but would mar it as far as players would be concerned.

i think the belt needs to go or remove the gem socket and give it the implicit of something else maybe with a rare chance of the jewel occuring in the belt...you can get a belt with alot of the defensives on it then throw in a really powerful damage booster averaging around 1000 tooltip dps. makes every other belt kind of obsolete to even use.. please dont start power creeping the gear the league was okay but i dont think the belt would be healthy.
Abyssal jewels/sockets are too powerful, especially the belt. They need a significant nerf. Maybe limit the abyss jewels usable to 1?
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