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alc0 wrote:
Read few pages of people complaining. You all probably forgot what this game is meant to be? Its a game what diablo 3 should be, the game that I, being a hardcore D2 player love so much. GGG (remind to you "GRINDING", the first word of company name), have done a hard work through this league.

I did play alot and I can say: yes depth was rare, so was liches, but now they will be more common compared to abysses you encounter. There will be higher chance to get items with 2 sockets, which is great, you get 2 sockets and item becomes 2 linked max (gloves / head / boots). Some one above me said that anyone gives a f**k about any belt bases except crystal / leater (vanguards in some cases) and its 100% true. And one thing that pissed me so hard: casual players don't even realise how powerful can be elder / shaped belt and due new mechanic vises cant be shaped or elder, in this case jewel cant give so much power as elder / shaped effect.

Personally I always use unique belt or farm for HH and dont really care about this belts, anyways MF belt / HH / Vanguard or Crystal will be better for builds I play.

Darkness Enthroned was really something good to use in lab runs, cuz you can easy boost move speed from 2 jewels, any other belt cant affect move speed as good as this one. Also it was very fun to use while leveling.

I fully support things in this manifesto and hope that GGG won't listen casual players and will focus on making GRIND game for hardcore players.

Dude your no hardcore player, your just a softcore player playing a lot. Dont call yourself hardcore when you play noobleague. I mean softcore.
I liked breach league better. Abyss gets too boring and predictive but breach is always an unknown quantity. if anything I would have liked it to be the other way around where breach gets to be in core while abyss stays in maps.
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This league was very rewarding for me compared to Harbinger. I enjoyed the new content and relevant patches that enhanced the experience. This league was the first that I was able to tackle Elder on my own without a death. I really hope I can bring it to the next level in the upcoming league.

Integrating the best parts of Abyss into the standard game mode will be an asset. I agree on your drop rate adjustments. If I had to have any critique of the Abyss league it would be that with all of the successful builds I have this time around, there were very few Lich instances.

Seeing as they will be a 10% rate in Standard makes it more appealing to play in that mode. The mature economy makes it pretty difficult to succeed without bringing in some decent gear from Abyss. Thankfully you did a great job of making sure that happens with the Abyss integration.

Thanks GGG. I look forward to supporting you as you continue to bring content to the players.
Well done, GGG. Bravo!
Never saw the Lich nor saw any elder influenced maps. Didn't get to enjoy endgame content as much as i wanted to. Some items(mainly uniques and decent rares)/events were just "TOO RARE" to make it worth the time.

Sorry to say but this league was by far the most demotivating to play(Worse than beyond).
First time ever complaining. I'm one of those guys who really loves the "path of nerfs" stuff.
However I did not enjoy abysses. All the backtracking and running around, and then sometimes even more timewasting in the dephts. Meh. However, what I liked the least was the elder/shaper thing. The insane powercreep of those items, and the tediousness of doing the atlas that way.

According to the manifesto the league was a big success, so my opinions shouldn't count at all, but this was my least played league in a long time. Guess it will still count as my favorite game though.
I approve of most of these inclusions. Hopefully the rarity of uniques will stop the shower of Darkness Enthroned belts so they aren't BiS for pretty much every concievable build without being pricey as well.

I really enjoyed Abyss and it's capacity to let me do some really screwy/stupid builds. It has kept me in the league longer than any previous. Even decided to go for 36/40 since I was still having fun this far into the league and I usually don't give a shit about them. (Still refuse to do the mega grind challenge though, fuck that noise)
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
I thought that you wouldn't add Abyss to the core game. Especially because of the very strong items. Where else can you get over 140 life, 3 res and 3 damage affixes like flat dmg, crit chance or crit multi on a belt? ;D
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people who are so concerned about balance and post here are probably either stuck at lvl80 where power creep is irrelevant or play the most broken highest end builds and secretly enjoy being overpowered. dont be hypocrites. also, ggg doesnt care. all they want is that you buy their weekly pack of five new mtx.

edit: i really liked abyss mechanics. i hope ggg fixes bugs in 3.2 though.
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I like the abyss, but I dislike their rewards:
The abyssal jewels are overpowered (affixes and the fact you can wear them on equipment). Everything became unbalanced: the other jewels and rare belts became almost useless.

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