Abyss Content Integration

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I can't wait to lag nonstop all future leagues because the content remains optimized in game. 20 page thread in the technical forums, emails dating back two months now, no help, nothing changed.

I think you should do away with lich-less depths completely. The pointless depths with no boss at the end were the biggest thing that made the mechanic boring and frustrating. The depths should be rarer, and when you see one you should know you found a boss. Going down in that depths and finding nothing over and over and over sucked the life out of this league for me to the point where it's the first league I gave up on. I played harbinger to the last day and before abyss it was my least favorite. Abyss is a good mechanic that had disappointing implementation.
Abyss items really are too powerful, belts/jewels and the uniques.

I was not a big fan of abyss cracks nor abyssal depths unless that 1 in 1000 chance to get a lich.

Im sorry you spent so much time on the content, but I feel very strongly like it was fine for a league but has no place in the main game.

IMO should not bring any of it over to main content.
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I feel like this is a mistake. The abyss jewels are amazingly powerful for any build, making the abyss unique items best in slot for a large number of builds that would otherwise use different items. Every league in which these items exist will be a re-hash of abyss league. Get all of the 2 socket items and stack abyss jewels to win the game.
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agree on all the changes on a side node maybe buff old jewels? they are prettymuch worthless for elemental builds if u compare them to abyss ones while the physical ones are in line
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I loved the new Atlas but though the Abyss itself where not enough for me to play the game again.
Didn't like this league at all.

Thanks for the update
I have to agree with others. The stygian vise has to go. Even increasing the rarity of it is meaningless because they will still be the best belts in the game (even without shaper, elder mods) abyss jewels are just too strong. All increasing the rarity of stygian vise does, is make builds more expensive. I literally ignored every belt in the game besides stygian vise. Didn't bother to even consider picking them up. This will still be the case. They must be removed from the game if you expect the other belts to ever be used.
I'm glad you're nerfing lightpoacher but I feel the move to keep Stygian belts and jewels in the game questionable. The belts will still be absolutely BIS over other belts and this delay just means it will take a little longer for everyone to be running around with them.
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