Abyss Content Integration

imo its very bad idea. why?:
abyss jewels are too op (should get [very] big nerf)
for now there are just one good rare belt: stygian. the others are just craps for vendor
abysses are still bugged and sometimes bring graphic bugs.
trully, most players hate this abyss path crap. if u rly "must" maintain this crap plz made it as possible mod like essence etc and just as an abyss depth portal not chasing rabbit ....
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Hm, Belt being endgame available is still going to make it best in slot, just means people will chaos spam them to get the mods (not that many mods on belt)

What we really need is jewels to now have life on them. Reason being is they make leather belts obsolete. Get the same mods on an abyss belt, you can get the same life mod implicit and additional damage / resists as well. Why leather?

Either that or add a life version of the crystal belt to have more endgame competition.

Jewels are actually fine. Yeah they might be weighted, but you guys balanced them that if passive tree or the rare uniques was our only place to slot them they are't broken. Half tempted to ask about abyssal slots being able to hold regular jewels. Don't know if that would break the balance.

Otherwise fun league. Good idea about abysses starting act 6, Early acts were very hard to complete with the undergeared characters that may not have the skill we want to be able to clear them.

The league and jewels coming in to main game with the belt disappearing completely made more sense to me. Flat damage on tree vs percent works differently for different builds.
"Abysses were popular and fun content to run"

Yeah.. No..

The sense of progression you get from these things is completely backwards. Maybe if they didn't constantly take you RIGHT BACK to the maps beginning then yeah they'd be alright. Other than that I think they're terrible..

Edit: also the jewels are way too overpowered IMO.
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rully, most players hate this abyss path crap. if u rly "must" maintain this crap plz made it as possible mod like essence etc and just as an abyss depth portal not chasing rabbit ....

"Abysses were popular and fun content to run"

Yeah.. No..

UUm.... what? I, and my guild LOOOVE these mechanics.. its the most fun we have had since Breach! the abysses are awesome and please keep most like this coming. ( I am including the depths in this thought)
Dude your no hardcore player, your just a softcore player playing a lot. Dont call yourself hardcore when you play noobleague. I mean softcore.
Hardocre player doesn't mean only that player plays "HARDCORE" variant of league, its more wider term, you know.
GGG and Carl, thank you.

This is almost exactly how I would have implemented Abyss. Only difference is added to Part 2 of progression: I did not see that happening, but if you make a good story-line for it, I look forward to seeing it. :-)
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Since I'm not interested in leagues, I just looked up abyss jewel affixes. Seems I can completeley throw away any other jewels. 7% to get Onslaught on kill? 50 life? Double the damage? And 3 free affixes on a stygian belt? There must be some disadvanatages, right?

Oh, I get it: only people with access to a three-digit number of Exalted Orbs will benefit from it, since they are so rare. Now that makes up for it ...
At first I liked it when I came across an abyss now I have a feeling of dread every time I see one. They don’t feel rewarding at all and even though the belt is mandatory it’s not very exciting. I’d honestly like the abyss a lot more if the chest erupted currency and don’t get me started on chasing the cracks. I applaud the effort the devs went through to create them, not every feature will be for every client in software and this one just happens to be a miss for me but I hope others will continue to enjoy it.
This was such a good league glad i came back to play it looking very forward to next league hope it is interesting!
<3 the game even if you guys brought back previous season.

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