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Listen to all the whinny crafting salesman. lol Oh, I love it! The Abyss League has been the best part of PoE in a long time. I can't wait to play standard again. Finally mob density and rewards for the common average player. Finding items was actually possible! GGG please, make more content for dedicated casual players who just want to enjoy game play and find build enabling items. GGG reduce the breech map costs please!!! I simply couldn't afford to roll maps,or breech them. Remove XP loss and I will be happy in Standard.
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my only gripe is i couldn't ever find enough abyssal depths and when i did find a few couldn't complete the ulaman. outside of that i still haven't seen Zana's unique item mission either which use to be somewhat easy to find at least once a league.
Please make so that ppl with <91lvl character in league could not post in such threads :D cuz they make literally no sense at all. "i've played 3.5 hours this league and never seen lich. Thats so broken omg omgo mgom"
Wan'na kill me? Do it faster!
This is the best way to integrate Abysses into the main game. Very well thought out. I can't find a single gripe. :)
Demonoz wrote:
there are 6 such belts in the total game and are owned by 3 people. thanks for supporting RMT, GGG :)

The hell are you talking about? I know more than 6 people who have one or more EACH....
Atleast Shaper ones anyway.. Not too sure about Elder though.. cant roll Red CD on it hahahaha

But seriously theres a ton of Shaper Stygians out there hell theres more than 6 in Std league already.

Sorry I meant highest ilvl or 80 ilvl. I don't remember atm
Why bother finding a Mirror of Kalandra if it can be [Removed by Support]
Killing the Elder or Shaper while following someone's build is like finding a street using google maps - such an achievement!
I think the jew should be corrupted like the breach ring. Cause even if you drop it as magic, ppl can still craft it.
So i rate this league 3/5, I'll explain why.

Main mechanic of a league is fun i think, everyone already complained bout abbyses going back to ljcation u already cleared off, but it's not a big deal. Earlydays i was hating abysses, because that rare reaper (or whatever his name is, the invis one) was ripped 3 of my chars, and then u nerfed him.

Abyss jewels providing very good boost for dps overall, and if anyone complaining about HP pool of abyss monsters - you got node like 40% dmg increased against abyssal monsters. I think GGG created this node especialy for weak and new chars to deal with abysses more easily. But in my opinion you don't need to keep jewels, or u need to nerf nodes really hard. It is obvious that most of builds won't use any standart jewels, when we got abyssal. Even when u decreased the rate of finding abyss, and jewels from it, it doesn't matter what rarity it is dropping, u everytime can alt and regal after you found smt to work with.

Same story with stigian vise. Any other belt base is dead rn. I just got 110 res belt (with 30chaos res) with around 300 armour and around 40 WED on it with base of studded belt on a first week of the league, i vaaled it and get skill duration increased. And u know what? I sold this belt only week ago, for like 3 chaos-_- There's a very little persentage of eldered/shaped belts who can beat 10 mod beelt. Making it more rare doesnt change anything, it will still be bis, and all other belts will be useless. And yes, you don't need to actually remove shaped/eldered version of stigian vise. Yes you will, because abysses don't getting map mods, so it cant be shapered/eldered, and now we can obtain belts only in depths, but i didnt got any of them whole league, and i got large amount of hours put in this leagues. So actually u just making sneaky players more rich keeping shapered/eldered vises in the game, but removing them from the droplist.

Abyss uniques
- different story. Yes, it's no point to remove them, if you gonna keep abyss in the core, but u need to be wise, and nerf them properly. Lightpoacher can chain his projectiles now? LMAO, it seems like a buff, not a nerf. Previously was a good idea to add a cd and prevent it to gain charges by killing itmself. That's a nerf. Tombfist bis for every melee atm, u can easily overdo any mirror rare gloves with 2s tombfist with good jewels. Other uniques dont seem too OP for me, i used all of them, but who knows.

And yes, i got around 30 liches BY MYSELF, no sharing buying etc. Mostly after patch i got like 3-4 liches in a day, previously like 1 and maybe two. Killed Ulaman 3 times. Found lightpoacher with 2 abyssal sockets. Idk why u guys trying to whine about liches being rare. Maybe u need to loock for it somewhere else, not on volcano or burial chambers? ;) U really want the hardest challenge been able to complete so easy?I don't think u are able to actually kill pale council members 200 times, if u are not buyng silver coins, prophecys and keys. It's a Path of Trading, so u should be used to it.

Personally I was thinking the league just gonna disappear as harbinger did, but GGG please, dont ruin balance so hard, and make wise changes. Thank you
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U really want the hardest challenge been able to complete so easy?

There is not even a challenge in this challenge besides not to get bored to death. Same for the Endgame Grinds. At least calling it "grind" GGG seems to realize, that nobody has fun doing it.

Querne wrote:
U really want the hardest challenge been able to complete so easy?

There is not even a challenge in this challenge besides not to get bored to death. Same for the Endgame Grinds. At least calling it "grind" GGG seems to realize, that nobody has fun doing it.

Liches are part of endgame grinds challenge tho. and i don't think anyone doing it if you are not focusing on completion all 40
Keep Shaper/Elder influenced maps. Remove Shaped/Elder Items.

Everyone probably will disagree, but I had to say it. I quit halfway through Abyss for the first time since the game was first released.

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