Abyss Content Integration

I have to agree with others. The stygian vise has to go. Even increasing the rarity of it is meaningless because they will still be the best belts in the game (even without shaper, elder mods) abyss jewels are just too strong. All increasing the rarity of stygian vise does, is make builds more expensive. I literally ignored every belt in the game besides stygian vise. Didn't bother to even consider picking them up. This will still be the case. They must be removed from the game if you expect the other belts to ever be used.

Don't care.

It's staying and I'm happily fine with it.
I think abyss jewels and belts should be available at lower level.
It allow players to play with unbalanced or dead skills from level 1 instead of going with usual sunder leveling and so on, wich is more immersive and fit better with what a lot of players expect when running a new character.

Just my two cents
Hf :)
nice chain of decisions there GGG, I also got to buy a couple of shaped stygian vises before they all dissapeared lol :P
Could we have back harbringers uniques via cards or some?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
I played 1 character to level 80 and found exactly ZERO abyssal depths portals at the end of the cracks.

I sincerely hope GGG considers the size of the current player base vs low probability events. It may have been a 1 in 10,000 chance of someone never seeing the depths but when you consider how many people are playing this game now... It's going to happen to a lot of people.

Why is it so hard for GGG to design new content with the intent of actually letting people see it at least once? Then just balance around the rewards.

Instead they gate the content on RNG and then factor in a second of layer of RNG on the rewards.

Yet this results in some people NEVER SEEING THE CONTENT EVEN ONCE.

And it most certainly did not make me want to play more. In fact it made me upset and sick of the game. And for the first time, I spent $0 during a league.
Abyss belt is best in slot and forces almost every build to use it. Silly keeping this in game.
Cataract wrote:
By incorporating the content this way, nothing will really have changed after the early league (first week or so) is over. Stygian will still be the only belt worn and Abyss jewels will still be massively popular.

A bit surprised GGG decided to roll it all in this way. If anything it's a rich get richer situation where those that farm high tier maps quickly will end up getting a lot out of Abyss jewels and stygians. Those that smash sextanted white or low-yellow maps in a flash with see more abysses and get more uniques.

All this really does is make Abyss gear more expensive. As someone that plays a shit ton and will benefit from this method of adding Abyss, I'm not really complaining. Just a bit surprised.

This sums up exactly what I was thinking. I swore to my guildies half-way through the league they weren't keeping abyss jewels/vises and they just blew my mind =P
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Excited to see this content moving forward. Good choices GGG!
I think that this strikes a reasonable balance. Nice work GGG!
I am very happy with your decision.
But I am kind of surprised there are no adjustments to flat elemental damage values on abyss jewels.

BTW I haven't seen Lich during the whole league.

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