Abyss Content Integration

Awesome, I'm really glad to see analysis of this level regarding gameplay. I'm also very happy about the change!
DoubleU wrote:
I would like to run into at least one Lich this league.

I had never run into a lich the entire league until i got two liches in a row O.o RNG is a strange thing indeed
I'm a bit disappointed to hear Stygian belts are staying. Abyss jewels by themselves are far too powerful to keep as semi-common or even uncommon drops - having another slot for these jewels just exacerbates the issue. I'm all for mechanics which increase build diversity, but abyss jewels skewed builds far in favour of taking every possible chance to use them over other items in the game; "choosing" to use abyss jewels is less of a choice and more of a mandatory conclusion for nearly all builds.
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You all are awesome as always, thanks!
I think it's fine.

Abyss jewels and the belts are Best in Slot, and so what?
Headhunter is too.
But they're not so extremely overpowered, they're just build enablers.

We can at least try it out for the next league, and yeah, maybe the meta will change tons because new options. No one is getting an unfair advantage. You can still buy the jewels and roll them if you really really "need" them. SSF players will eventually find a few aswell, since it's 1/10 odds to get an abyss. There's really nothing wrong here.

I can only see good things in these decisions. Well, maybe except that leveling (like said before) will be boring as shit again without some flat ele jewels/onslaught on kill available at level 1. But eh, it's okay.

Thanks GGG. I love it.
As much as I would like to say that Abyss was a successful league, I can't overlook the major bug that tilted the Lich spawn rate, which effectively adjusted the economy in a very negative way.

It's really disappointing that simulations regarding the spawn rate were not run well into the duration of the league, and not until after a multitude of the player base had complained about it.

You can do better, GGG.
GGG for those of us who currently have shaped or elder stygians. What is the fate of those items? As your post states they will no longer drop that way but there was no clarification on whether a nerf/erase would come to those already obtained once transferred to standard.

If this could be cleared up it would be greatly appreciated
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
Are there going to be Legacy Lightpoachers? Or is the change going to affect existing items as well?
"A lot of effort went into making Abyss." - Qarl GGG

but then

" There is (and has been) a bug where Maps that contain The Elder, Elder Guardians, Labyrinth Trials or master missions that have a subarea are not able to contain Abyssal Depths. We are unlikely to be able to resolve this issue before the end of 3.1.0. The increase in this patch will counteract the effect of this bug in the meantime. " - Bex GGG

So much for the effort comment I guess , considering Lich drops are actually pretty important .

Have you seen for how much the 2 abyss socket boots go for or the armor ?

Seriously .

I love how GGG always says it was the best league they have done.. Let's be honest Abyss wasn't a great league. It was a massive power creep league. Insane jewels for elemental specs, insane gear for clearpseed insane belts and I feel like we should be going more into actually balancing end-game rather than making specs even more powerful. Literally there is no end-game content you can't do with SSF build or with very low budget build because of how much power creep there is and this been happening since ascedencies were introduced. And its sad because there is no real end-game scaling anymore there is stupid min-maxing for insane prices which isn't even worth it because of how much it actually adds to your spec after you got all the power creeps running. On top of that we need some new end-game mechanics for getting stuff rather than another zone where you go and kill stuff (yeah yeah i know ARPG grinding etc etc.) but still it gets kind of tedious late game no side quests to do, nothing u can explore or do. It's just map map map now you're adding abyss which is the exact some thing just with less colour. Idk. Not too happy with where this is going.

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