Re: Xbox One 3.1.3 Patch Status

This thread is just a way for me to quickly respond to someone who had asked a question in the thread Xbox One 3.1.3 Patch Status, which has since been locked. I suppose I could’ve sent them a PM - but if one person’s curious, maybe others are, too.

kahcirav wrote:
Hey Jeff is there a way if it comes out during or right before a stash teb sale it can be put on sale as well?

This wouldn’t be possible, as items newly added to the store aren’t eligible to be discounted for approximately one month. This rule exists for both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.
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Thanks Sarno, what you've mentioned is correct.
Sarno wrote:
but if one person’s curious, maybe others are, too.

Oh you are so correct about that! (well, at least I am)

Perhaps the Xbox rule should be the earlier of one month after the Xbox release, and one month plus one week after the PC release. Seems "fair" to me - except of course if that would materially cut into GGG's Xbox sourced revenue - everyone needs to eat.

I plan to buy the new stash tabs but I also plan to make their intro date cost neutral - just have to practise a little discipline ....

Five weeks?! But my stash is full now
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