Trade board for range of number

Is it possible to add to trade board filter for search by range?

I would like to search for jewel with 40-50life
for now I just need to search for +4 maximum life, and hopefully believe into find something that match, for weapons it's even harder...

Would be nice just to type [150-170] and that would show results with number one of 150,151...170
Last bumped on Feb 11, 2018, 5:32:26 PM

please fix the trademarket!!!

we need an advanced search option for pre and suffixes,

and filters for just about everything in the trademarket

the trademarket on console is what makes it almost unplayable
because people will get stuck and eventually stop playing
when they cant find the item they need in the trademarket.

it litteraly takes days/weeks/months to find something usefull in the trademarket.

this is a really big issuee for the overall gameplay and flow of the game through the leageus.

please fix this asap.


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