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New player, just started with the Abyss league. Even after such a short period, it's quickly becoming clear to me that the UI navigation on the Xbox, in particular the inventory management aspect, is what will drive me away. It is fatiguing! I like collecting stuff, but this game is starting to have an inverse effect on me, because the more I collect the less I enjoy the game!

Assuming you stuck with the UI as is, I wanted to pass along what I consider a couple quick fixes that should be easy to implement.

Button combos when stash open
LTrigger+B = Cursor moves to stash inventory
LTrigger+X = Cursor moves to character inventory
LTrigger+Y = 1st stash tab
LTrigger+A = Last stash tab
RTrigger+Right = Cursor jumps right 1/2 width of selected inventory
RTrigger+Left = Cursor jumps left 1/2 width of selected inventory

The buttons aren't important, just giving you an idea of what seems intuitive to me. The notion of shortcuts is what really matters.

Being a new player, I don't really know what the map stash tab is, I just know that it is coming (right?), so it's possible this next request is unhelpful, but I wanted to at least put it out there just in case.

Here is my current loop
Open Atlas, find a map I need
Search my quad stashes for desired map
Go to map device, play the map
Dump inventory in quad stash, sell it, or sort it (just depends on when I want to inflict the pain)

Here is what I'd like to do
Roll many maps
Go to map device, open atlas, select map - if I have it the game puts it in the device for me
Play the map
Dump inventory (we'll save optimization suggestions for this for another time)
Go to map device, repeat

I'm hopeful the map tab provides some improvements to the flow, right now the process is pretty tedious, especially if you don't know the atlas by heart.

Thanks for listening!
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BinaryMyth wrote:

The buttons aren't important, just giving you an idea of what seems intuitive to me. The notion of shortcuts is what really matters.

Hear, Hear! What would be a simple (if possibly painful) flick of the wrist on the PC version turns out to be an extended unit by unit trudge on the Xbox. It's understandable on a port, but something that screams for improvements.

I like OP's suggested shortcuts and would like to add my own:

a "button combo of some sort" version of the x button function "move between inventory and stash" that dumped items on the right hand side as opposed to the left (so one could burn both ends of the candle so to speak). Very handy for using a stash tab to hold a couple of types of items.

I would like to see a one click jump between a map in inventory/stash and that map position on the Atlas. I would also like to see one click going the other way but the details could be contentious (for example, one target could be the Map stash tab but that gets into the pay to win discussion which is both unending and heartfelt). Perhaps the first map of that type in your stash might be a less contentious destination - but as OP pointed out, it's getting the functionality that's most important.

And I would like to see some sort of "tab" system (as in jump to the next marked stash tab) for the stash tabs (OP's jump to 1st and last stash tabs being a subset of that). For example, one could check off a box on a tab to make it a "tab stop" or a "favourite tab" and then a couple of controller combos (skip left, skip right) could skip from one tab stop to another. It's not a new concept, but it would be ever so helpful.

And we really do need a search for our stash (off topic but it is another way to jump through the stash).

Personnel Plea to GGG: I really do not enjoy having to hold down a joystick if I must also hold the joystick stationary or else something "moves" possibly interfering with my intended actions (an example is the current loot filter override). Please find some other way to implement this stuff.

really great game but still room for improvement
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