[3.7] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian | 19K ES | 52k Armour|1.5 mil dps| Uber Elder & HoGM DEATHLESS

Trying to find out where you guys are getting such high ES numbers.

With my current gear I'm only just barely over 10k, yet 17k seems the norm.

Yet, even with "Best in Slot" gear all over my POB is only hitting 16k.

Is there something obvious I am missing?

My current gear:

Gear upgrades "on the table" when Blight ends:

The first thing I should upgrade is probably a Watcher's Eye with the +X% Mana as ES with Clarity. After that, I'd guess the Ruby Ring and my belt. Beyond that, expensive incremental upgrades, I think.

I dunno, I feel like I'm missing something when other builds on poe ninja are ranging from 13k-19k.
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managed to craft this a couple days ago, big increase over doon ^^ thanks for the advice on the MM sceptre
Any change for 3.9 ?
If anyone can share his version i would be happy, thx.
I have the same problem as TheLastWanderer, I have decent gear (character LeShaperHasArrived if you want to see) but I'm barely over 10k too, I can't tell what to upgrade... :(
Up to 13.5K ES...still tweaking a few things....I like what Lagrossesimone did on his tree!

Best build to drink beer and play with...
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

-25 Exalts...always...it took awhile but it looks like it finally caught on!
How is this build in 3.9? Still just as viable?
How is this build in 3.9? Still just as viable?

Works very good, im 84 tanking all content without problem

build is a little bit more expensive (some elder/shaper itens and mods have increased this price)

Nothing to worry

I am trying this build. Can someone explain me why we need cold or lightning damage to attacks on ring to proc EE?
Storm Brand or Orb of Storms already proc it right? Or am I missing something?
hey build looks fun im running it now is no1 finding the story progression on it so slow to kill boss's? lvl45 atm
blaqist wrote:
i would like to ask any recommended anoint for amulet this league?

i think this is the best rf build i tried out, and its the farthest i ever got.


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