My thoughts on UI and other improvements in the XBox Version

Ok, so I think I am finished with the Abyss league and apparently will not be getting my portal effect (at 26/40 and just reading the writing on the wall so to speak), so I am going to take a break until the new league and try out 3.2. However, I wanted to offer some feedback on the UI and other items that I think would make the game play a lot smoother on the XBox.

Since we are going to stick with Inventory Tetris on the XBox for good or bad, I think we really need to look at making it work a lot better for the XBox to help with the management. A few ideas:

1. The first item that would really help with both games is to place the default placement algorithm for the inventory. If the items prioritized Left->Right instead of up down (so First item goes in the top left corner like today, second item instead of trying to go underneath it before going to the right instead defaults to the right). This strategy would solve a lot of the issues with the inventory placement we have today. While it wouldn't be perfect at placing things it would solve a lot of the problems due to the inventory we have today. To make it even better it would be great if Items flowed along Left->Right on the top and currency tried to fill out the space like it does today. That would solve nearly all the auto-sorting issues if you could combine the two.

2. Of course no FFA sorting solution will be perfect for fitting items in inventory, this game really really needs an auto-sort button. Making room for a newly dropped 6 slot staff is just way too frustrating on the xbox, yes it is annoying on the PC too, but it is definitely a bigger issue on the XBox. When in a tab it is just completely awful. One of my friends gave up the game for this, yes he probably would have given up anyway but it was definitely his biggest gripe and first comment whenever I bring up the game :)

Tab Management
We need a few hot keys for tab management/navigation to make the world a better place:

1. We need something that allows us to "page" forward in our tabs. (Skip to the first unseen tab or the last seen tab on the screen either way).

2. We need a way to jump to the last tab

3. We need a way to jump to the first tab

4. It would be nice to have "favorite" tabs that I could jump between too in some way (would essentially let me bookmark groups of tabs like map tabs together)

Tab Searching
Quite simply put give me the same searching we added to the sales tab in my tabs. That searching in the sales tab was a huge help and would really help me find that "life/fire/int ring" I have in my inventory. Especially with how annoying it can be to keep the inventory clean in the game this would be a huge QOL improvement.

Navigating Sales tab with direction pad
I know we made the search on the direction pad, but navigating on the sales tab with the direction pad would be a huge help to me. (I would remap the search to the right stick press instead) I find the left stick to be very annoying for scrolling one item at a time and much more cumbersome. This works in the normal inventory, stash and menus, but not in the search results which also is confusing because I use the direction pad everywhere else and then have to remember to switch back.

Inspecting/Cancelling Buffs
There is no way to see the buffs I have on me (in terms of what they do are not that they appear on the screen). This was annoying me last night running Uber Itzaro where I got the "massive" shrine that I really wanted to cancel as it kept getting me stuck on things and getting hit by traps I would have been able to avoid otherwise. It is the first time I wanted to cancel a buff but I frequently want to look at what something is doing and I have no way to do so. Perhaps when I press the right trigger down to edit the action buttons I can navigate up to the buffs or something?

Overall I really like the game on the XBox, I want better trade and a bunch of other things, but these mostly seem like smaller QOL improvements that would really make the game a lot smoother for general game play and keep the player base growing over here. The XBox version brought me back to the game after a year or so off, I am sure it helped reached a lot of new players as well, but if we can refine it we can probably reach a lot more.

Last bumped on Feb 17, 2018, 2:26:59 PM
xp counter so i see numbers of how much more xp i need to make level .

a map tab would have been nice 6 months ago , but guess we might get it next round ? dout it .

when running the overlay map , make it so we can turn the text mod off of how many mod this maps as. takes up the right hand conner of the screen .

make it so we can turn of everything on the ui that we dont want to show
half the stuff on the ui i dont want see

Space optimization in one's inventory is an old Diablo convention. It's actually part of the "gameplay" for D1 and D2. I don't see them taking out inventory optimization or putting in more overhead for an "auto-sort/optimize" feature. It's actually... out-of-genre to be honest, no matter how handy it would be.

Diablo 3 left that path blazed by it and many other RPGs, relegating everything to "slots." There was even a backlash from the Diablo fanbase because of that! Yes, people wanted to have to organize their inventory manually and worry about the "size" of inventory items! (No kidding, for true...)

I would, however, like to see the addition of a "Wallet" (Belt-pouch?) for currency items. Something that is limited to four slots or so would be nice. It'd only accept currency drops and you could put one currency item in there and it would continue to fill that until it reached a full stack. Maybe two stacks, if they were thinking about making it a "Real Money" item. (I think that would be a bit undesirable, though, considering it gives such players an advantage.) Something to keep that one extra orb from taking up an inventory slot, making me choose between it and a piece of jewelry during the last port out of a map... That'd be nice to have.

I agree that D-Pad functionality should be used when in menus when it can add extra QoL features. I don't care at the moment, but if they can work to use everything possible on the controller that they can, I'm all for it. Consolers are hampered by controller limitations, so anything that can be done to extend functionality is always a good thing.

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