Storm call targeting

Hey everyone,

I haven't seen anything on this so here I am.

I've maid a Inquisitor storm call and it's awesome. Using spell Cascade make it nasty.


Point is to get the maximum damage,you have to get the enemy where two storm call overlaps. So you have to target a specific zone just a little bit in front or behind the enemy. With the storm call itself being blue and the cursor being the same blue, it's hard/impossible to see the cursor under the storm call FX. This issue make it really hard to get the maximum damage you can get from storm call + spell Cascade. PC player have it easy with the mouse so i think Xbox player should have it easy too.


- Change the color of the cursor and/or the shape to make it apparent under the storm call.

- Change to location of the auto targeting. Auto target a bit in front of the enemy instead of directly on it.

I think the second one is the best option so Xbox player would be able to play storm call build with more ease.


And thanks for the awesome game GGG.
Last bumped on Feb 16, 2018, 10:54:11 PM

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